Florie Lhuillier


The security sector is one of the most competitive and diverse areas of technology. With such a crowded market, voices are drowned out and messages go unheard. Too many vendors rely on the same over-used messages and vocabulary, struggling to differentiate. We have worked with cybersecurity vendors for more than a decade and have unique data and insights into IT security technology buyers’ decision-making processes. These help us to understand how to create the right PR & marketing platform that sets you apart and drives your audience to think differently about security issues and by extension, you.


CCgroup is a PR agency that believes in outstanding communication. Our experience and data-driven insight allows us to design campaigns that elevate you above your competitors in the media and amongst influencers. We align our approach with your business objectives, determining what tactics are best suited to generating leads, securing investment interest or building the brand.



We have used potent combinations of media relations, digital marketing and industry analyst relations to successfully position our cybersecurity clients for investment, deliver hundreds of qualified inbound leads and support wider marketing goals with content and creatives.

Cybersecurity is one of the toughest and most competitive areas of B2B technology, but our experience with cybersecurity PR and detailed knowledge in the industry can give you an almost-unfair advantage.

How do enterprises buy technology?

How do enterprises buy technology?

The aim of the study was to identify how the moder...

Using audience insights to build a brand and generate leads

Using audience insights to build a brand and generate leads

CCgroup helped CDNetworks to secure greater visibi...

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How do IT decision-makers choose their suppliers?

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PR-led content marketing for lead generation

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