Explore our audience insight programme 'Catalyst', these reports are a major differentiator for CCgroup. It's what led the PRCA to describe us as the 'thinking brand's PR agency'.

How do modern enterprises buy technology?

This report identifies how the modern technology procurement process works, who is involved and how suppliers are identified and what approaches are most influential for vendors to increase sales and marketing effectiveness.

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Telecoms Catalyst - Selling to telcos in the age of digital transformation

Vendors are finding engaging with telcos increasingly difficult. This study uncovers a complex purchasing process; and an increase in the levels of demands, being imposed on vendors to support telcos with digital transformation.

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FinTech Catalyst - Unaware, unprepared and paralysed: Retailer readiness for PSD2

This unique study of 30+ major tier one and tier two UK retailers, provides new insight into the opportunities and threats of PSD2 for retail technology providers, and how they can capitalise.

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MediaTech Catalyst - How vendors can benefit from the impact of IP on the broadcast industry

This survey of broadcasters globally, conducted by CCgroup and TVBEurope investigates the anticipated dominance of IP, areas for investment in technology to assist the transition and how vendors can capitalise.

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FinTech Catalyst - How to influence FinTech buyers in capital markets

This report is essential reading for anyone involved in marketing or sales for technology companies in the capital markets. It delivers practical advice based on unique research conducted by CCgroup in conjunction with Contentive, into the technology buying process and how to influence it.

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Will PR change in a post-Sorrell era?

Since the announcement of Martin Sorrell's departure from the helm of WPP, analysts and industry spectators have discussed the possibility of a breakup of WPP agencies. This presents an interesting debate on what is best for the PR industry and, most importantly, for its clients.

A roundup of NAB, and thoughts for IBC

Big tradeshows like NAB and IBC are an opportunity for vendors across the industry to showcase the latest and greatest technology. But it’s not just about products; they are also an opportunity to take in some of the interesting discussions and debates taking place in the industry today.

The UK is crying out for full fibre gigabit connectivity. Can altnets save the day?

According to Ofcom, in 2017 full fibre broadband was available to just three percent of the UK. Taking altnet, CityFibre, private should make it easier to deliver on its vision of providing full fibre infrastructure to 20 percent of the UK market .

Operators versus OTT providers: Are we gradually seeing a turning of the tides?

Over the last five years operators have become increasingly invisible. But with privacy and data laws tightening, it seems the operators are gradually fighting back.

The changing face of industry analysts – taking on the management consultancies

Technology analyst firms are gaining influence in the UK tech scene. The advisory side of the role is growing in importance, sometimes with an even split between research and consulting.

My love of all THINGS Swedish

Paul reviews Stockholm's THINGS, a showcase of the latest robotic, AI and IoT technology to come out of Sweden. THINGS is filled with technology-obsessed people, looking to build connections, attract funding and ultimately find customers.

A breath of fresh air: AR strategy spring clean

The end of Q1 sees AR professionals re-visit their plans and look at new ways to bring value and fresh perspective to their analyst relations strategy in Q2. Here are a few suggestions to help you come up with some actionable, measurable and creative ideas.

Tech investment - France is BACK!

An overview of why France is becoming such an appealing place to start a business, particularly in the tech sector.

Multiscreen, cloud, OTT video delivery: aren’t we there yet?!

CCgroup investigates some of the main issues facing the MediaTech industry this year, including cloud technology, the emergence of internet players, multiscreen video and data.

Embedded World, Black Panther and Nest. Why February was more than MWC.

A look at the events outside of Mobile World Congress that excited the technology analysts in February.

MWC18: Freezing, fun, but also familiar

An overview of what the CCgroup Mobile & Telecoms team saw and learned at Mobile World Congress this year.

MWC: It's a wrap

CCgroup Mobile & Telecoms team round up the key themes from the 2018 show.

Paid vs. Organic – the modern marketer’s dilemma

CCgroup's latest research report investigates how UK enterprise professionals identify and select technology suppliers and the most effective techniques for vendors to increase their sales and marketing success.

FinTech in Poland: Earning the trust you deserve

The Polish FinTech market is hot and if it wants to live up to its promise and become a real FinTech hub, the time to strengthen its position in the European market is now.

CCgroup’s Congress Crunch: Your ultimate MWC 2018 networking event guide

For CCgroup's last in the Congress Crunch series the Telecoms team shares a brief roundup of the some of the best events taking place during this year’s Mobile World Congress show.

FinTech in Poland: Don’t wear your best dress in the dark (part I)

According to research by Deloitte, the FinTech market in Europe is worth about €2.2 billion, of which almost €860 million stems from Poland.

Digital Transformation: Vendors must help operators navigate uncharted waters

A fresh perspective on operator digital transformation that highlights the havoc being wreaked within operators, and the impact on the vendor sales process.

In-house vs agency...busting the PR career myths

Over my career I've worked for companies and in agencies, and in that time have heard some sweeping generalisations about agency vs in-house which simply aren't true.

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