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London is the world’s largest PR centre and the European centre of influence for technology markets, the perfect location to lead international technology PR, marketing and AR programmes. Major global tech companies, innovative start-ups, critical media and analysts are all based in London, and the networking opportunities mean we’re always ahead of market trends.

From our London base, CCgroup has driven successful market entry campaigns, lead generation activity and exit programmes for tech companies from around the world for more than thirty years..

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Telecoms Catalyst - Selling to Telcos in the Age of Digital Transformation

FinTech Catalyst - Unaware, unprepared and paralysed: Retailer readiness for PSD2

How vendors can benefit from the impact of IP on the broadcast industry

How to influence FinTech buyers in Capital Markets


We know how to make PR work for you in the markets that matter most to your business. We work with our clients to identify their business and commercial goals, and then help to achieve those goals with intelligent, content-driven PR, marketing and tailored Analyst Relations expertise for the right audiences.

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Calling all telco vendors: look after the trade media, they’re worth (even) more to you than you thought

We asked operators what sources of information are most helpful when shortlisting vendors almost three quarters (74%) said the IT or trade media.

Digital Transformation: Vendors must help operators navigate unchartered waters

Telecoms operators are driving mass scale digital transformation. The result? Chaos, confusion and complexity for any vendor looking to sell to them.

CCgroup’s Congress Crunch: How to prepare for the MWC interview hot seat 

CCgroup's latest in the Congress Crunch series will help you prepare for interview at MWC to ensure you stand out.

Can you get ahead in PR without a PR degree?

I’m one of the PR folk that didn’t do a PR degree. And from time to time you can’t help but fear you’ve missed out by not doing one.

Open Banking: why retail technology providers need to step up  

The impending shift to “open banking” through the implementation of the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in Europe means radical change for retailers.

In-house vs agency...busting the PR career myths

Over my career I've worked for companies and in agencies, and in that time have heard some sweeping generalisations about agency vs in-house which simply aren't true.

Open banking: Why should retailers and retail tech care?

Our research into retailer readiness for PSD2, shows how little retailers know about PSD2 and the plans they have to take advantage of this new regulation.

The Road to IP - should broadcasters follow in the footsteps of telcos?

There is no doubt the rise of IP has completely changed how we watch TV and video content . According to Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report, three quarters of all mobile traffic will be used for video in 2023.

PR-led content marketing for lead generation

Proving the link between PR and sales: Lead generation for eBuilder

Award winning content & PR campaign: 'Exposing the Privacy Predicament' for Syniverse

A new era of positivity for Azzuri Communications