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London is the world’s largest PR centre and the European centre of influence for technology markets, the perfect location to lead international technology PR, marketing and AR programmes. Major global tech companies, innovative start-ups, critical media and analysts are all based in London, and the networking opportunities mean we’re always ahead of market trends.

From our London base, CCgroup has driven successful market entry campaigns, lead generation activity and exit programmes for tech companies from around the world for more than thirty years..

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How telcos and OTTs are disrupting the traditional broadcast industry

How telcos and OTTs are disrupting the traditional broadcast industry

This paper discusses the shift toward video and TV shows being distributed and accessed via the internet, what threat this poses to traditional broadcasters and what they need to do to remain competitive in the media market.

How do enterprises buy technology?

How do enterprises buy technology?

The aim of the study was to identify how the modern technology procurement process works, who is involved and how suppliers are identified.

Telecoms Catalyst - Selling to Telcos in the Age of Digital Transformation

Telecoms Catalyst - Selling to Telcos in the Age of Digital Transformation

Vendors are finding engaging with telcos increasingly difficult. This study uncovers a complex purchasing process; and an increase in the levels of demands, being imposed on vendors to support telcos with digital transformation.

FinTech Catalyst - Unaware, unprepared and paralysed: Retailer readiness for PSD2

FinTech Catalyst - Unaware, unprepared and paralysed: Retailer readiness for PSD2

This unique study of 30+ major tier one and tier two UK retailers, provides new insight into the opportunities and threats of PSD2 for retail technology providers, and how they can capitalise.

How vendors can benefit from the impact of IP on the broadcast industry

How vendors can benefit from the impact of IP on the broadcast industry

This survey of broadcasters globally, conducted by CCgroup and TVBEurope investigates the anticipated dominance of IP, areas for investment in technology to assist the transition and how vendors can capitalise.

How to influence FinTech buyers in Capital Markets

How to influence FinTech buyers in Capital Markets

This report is essential reading for anyone involved in marketing or sales for technology companies in the capital markets. It delivers practical advice based on unique research conducted by CCgroup in conjunction with Contentive, into the technology buying process and how to influence it.


We know how to make PR work for you in the markets that matter most to your business. We work with our clients to identify their business and commercial goals, and then help to achieve those goals with intelligent, content-driven PR, marketing and tailored Analyst Relations expertise for the right audiences.

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Is there a place for political activism in B2B marketing?

Predicting how an audience will react to a sensitive issue is hard for brands. In a world that's so politically charged, is staying silent still an option? We are seeing a shift with B2C brands recognising the positive effects of speaking out. Are B2B brands in a position to find their voice yet?

What makes B2B fintech PR different to other sectors?

Regulation, speed, diversity and influencers all contribute to making B2B fintech PR and marketing different to most other sectors.

How did Huawei become one of the UK’s biggest smartphone names?

Huawei has grown quickly in the past few years.. Have they achieved this through investments in PR and marketing and will political scandal and concerns around around national security threaten to put the brakes on their growth?

A 4G network running on 1G customer service

Operators possess a wealth of data on who their customers and yet fail to provide them with a personalised experience, leading to subscriber disengagement. Operators need to find a way to improve customer experience by ensuring a seamless customer journey that reflects the needs of the individual.

Is the battle for viewers all down to The Cry for content?

The battle between broadcasters, telcos and OTTs continues to make headlines, especially as subscriber numbers can make or break a business. More competition in the market means players like the BBC need to do all they can to make sure they are creating great and relevant content.

Going the extra mile…

Training for a marathon is just like working in B2B tech PR according to our deputy head of enterprise tech. Some campaigns are painful and drain you but you feel a real sense of achievement when you see the coverage starting to appear.

What did PayExpo 2018 have to say about the future of payments?

An overview of the key topics from PayExpo 2018 delving into some of the biggest issues in the industry from Open Banking and cryptocurrencies to real-time payments.

What will the autumn budget bring for the UK’s public services?

In the wait for the Autumn budget, what effect would increased cuts have on the UK not just from an economic, social and political view but also from a technology perspective?
Investments in technology will enhance the UK’s position as a world leader in the global rush to be first to roll out 5G.

How do you amplify the value of analyst relations within your organisation?

Machina Research revealed its 2017 Predictions for the IoT industry, how do we separate hype from reality, and what can we really expect will change for IoT?

Putting the AI in RAI: the rise of artificial intelligence at IBC 2018

There are a few things I learnt at IBC: stroopwaffels are great, the Dutch know how to throw a cheese party, and Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly a big deal in broadcast.

ASOS says bye bye to A-list programme

Excuse me while I shift my attention to another one of my loves: clothes - and most precisely, online retailer, ASOS.

Mobile World Congress Americas: the learning curve continues

Mobile World Congress Americas took place last week, the second time the CTIA and GSMA have collaborated to breathe new life into the North and Latin American trade show circuit.

Media and telecoms: Convergence…or avoidance?

Increasingly, the broadcast and telecoms worlds are colliding and converging. But the fact that both MWCA and IBC are taking place in distinct, separate locations, at the same time, without any overlap, also sums up exactly where we are in that path to convergence. Or rather, where we’re not.

Analyst outreach strategy – six quick ways to keep interest levels up in late summer

Now is the time to plan your next few months’ Analyst Relations strategy in the down time before the onslaught of industry trade shows and events begins anew with GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas, VMworld and IBC to name but a few.

Are telcos and OTTs really disrupting the traditional broadcast industry?

It's increasingly challenging for traditional broadcast providers to compete with the online and tech giants. While everyone is fighting to own the viewer, content and experiences are key. It’s up to MediaTech vendors to offer solutions to help broadcasters, telcos and OTTs reach their audiences.

PR-led content marketing for lead generation

Proving the link between PR and sales: Lead generation for eBuilder

Award winning content & PR campaign: 'Exposing the Privacy Predicament' for Syniverse

A new era of positivity for Azzuri Communications