CCgroup is an international B2B technology PR and marketing agency that trades on its deep specialist knowledge of four key tech markets: Mobile & Telecoms, FinTech, Enterprise Tech and MediaTech.

We use expert business-focused analysis to determine our customers needs, our unique industry research, ‘Catalyst’, to understand our customer’s customer and deliver disruptive and innovative campaigns that deliver results.

Mobile & Telecoms PR

Members of the CCgroup team have been representing mobile & telecoms clients since 1984.

Paul Nolan

Enterprise Tech PR

We understand the different enterprise audiences and a highly envied breadth of experience.

Katie de Cozar

Fintech PR

CCgroup has a deep heritage in delivering compelling fintech PR campaigns for its clients.

Daniel Lowther

MediaTech PR

The MediaTech and TV technology landscapes are incredibly diverse and complex.

Duncan McKean

Internet of Things (IoT) PR

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises a new era of connected living for consumers and businesses.

Sarah Walker

Retail Technology PR

Getting the right content in front of retail technology buyers is a major challenge.

Imran Majid

Cybersecurity PR

The security sector is one of the most competitive and diverse areas of technology.

Florie Lhuillier

MarTech PR & AdTech PR

Successful Martech & AdTech PR programmes demand compelling messaging.

Chloe Pope


CCgroup team members have been working in CleanTech since 2006.

Consumer Tech

CCgroup is an international B2B tech PR and marketing consultancy […]