Chloe Pope


Since the birth of the web and mobile web, marketing technology and advertising technology has developed at a mind-boggling pace. We first got involved in martech PR and adtech PR – starting with mobile advertising – in the mid-2000s, launching the GSMA’s ground-breaking Mobile Media Metrics programme and helping establish M:Metrics in Europe. We then worked with comScore and Nielsen to help brands and publishers better understand the emerging audience landscape, as well as NeoMedia (2D bar codes) and Poynt (local search app). Latterly, we’ve helped Opera and Syniverse to evolve the conversation around sophisticated approaches to brand engagement. The only constant in that time? Change.


Successful martech PR and adtech PR programmes demand compelling messaging and positioning (influencers and audiences need to know what a company does and where it ‘fits’ – so many firms assume this is obvious, it isn’t). They educate a diverse audience of brands, agencies and influencers struggling to stay abreast of the latest innovations, delivering relevant insight. But most importantly, from an earned media perspective, they demonstrate the relevance and traction these innovations are gaining with real brands in the real world. Sorry, but sooner or later in martech and adtech PR you need a brand case study: it’s table stakes. We have excellent experience of making the most of these case studies.


We’ve been fortunate enough to work with several companies at the vanguard of martech and adtech. M:Metrics, for example, was the most quoted source on the mobile market during our tenure, frequently cited by the world’s largest and most influential publications, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Economist, Time, The Financial Times and others. This helped position the company for a strong exit. But now, the influence ecosystem is growing – events, analysts, non-traditional influencers, social platforms, consultants and networks all have a role to play in adtech PR. Our track record, our relationships and our ability to grasp emerging concepts makes CCgroup an attractive partner to martech and adtech firms globally.

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New research report: How vendors can benefit from the impact of IP on the broadcast industry

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