Members of the CCgroup mobile PR team have been representing mobile clients since 1984 – we know mobile like no other agency. We’re a living, breathing part of the mobile industry and have been since its inception.

The technology sector has been subject to massive change in the last 30 years and none more so than the mobile industry. Today, aggressive consolidation of operators and digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way in which they purchase equipment and services. Vendor consolidation and partnerships have changed the way in which supply chains interconnect. The consumerisation of mobile has impacted almost every person and every business on the planet.

We have a deep understanding of the entire mobile ecosystem and work with a diverse range of companies from network planning and equipment providers and app developers to operators and industry consultants. One of our team has attended every single iteration of what is now Mobile World Congress.


Our in-depth knowledge of the global mobile market is not just a result of 30 years working in the space. We have undertaken unique research into how to influence operator purchasing decisions. We have investigated how vendor sales and marketing teams need to align for greatest impact. We have revealed how vendors can best position themselves for exit.

As a result, we’re uniquely positioned to build credible, compelling content to demonstrate that our clients understand and can address the challenges that their customers face.

We work to ensure that content reaches and resonates with the media, industry analysts, industry associations, event organisers and other influencers that we hold close, personal relationships with.
We help clients build the thought leadership and market momentum that underpins the best mobile PR campaigns and delivers commercial success.

We do this nationally and internationally.


There are three primary reasons why clients work with CCgroup.

The first is to increase their profile and we have some fantastic case studies of our work in this area, including making Mobile World Congress a success for clients year-in and year-out.

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