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From launching Chip&PIN in the UK and coining new industry terms in capital markets, to promoting the world’s largest mobile financial services roll-out to date and driving interest in ICOs, CCgroup has a deep heritage in delivering compelling FinTech PR campaigns for its clients. Driven by changing consumer behaviour, emerging technologies and a raft of new regulation, services and structures are being rewritten in every corner of the industry, enabled by a huge investment in technology. Whether it is capital markets, business and retail banking or payments, we help our clients achieve commercial success in this constantly evolving landscape.


We combine deep industry expertise  (through our audience insight programme – Catalyst) and outstanding strategic thinking with intelligent tactical implementation to raise awareness, enhance reputations and ultimately, drive sales. By marrying established PR practices such as media relations, thought leadership and content marketing with emerging disciplines including influencer marketing, owned media platforms and paid media, we ensure the right capabilities are in place to meet and exceed communications objectives.


Every business is different and so is every engagement. There is no one size fits all. What success looks like is dependent on the ambitions and objectives of our clients. We’re passionate about measuring the results of our campaigns so that we truly understand the impact on the market and on our clients’ business. That way we can constantly raise the bar and ensure we deliver the best possible results.

Unaware, unprepared and paralysed: Retailer readiness for PSD2

Unaware, unprepared and paralysed: Retailer readiness for PSD2

PSD2 is one of the most controversial and talked a...

Setting the benchmark for mobile payments

Setting the benchmark for mobile payments

Mobile payments and loyalty start-up MyCheck helps...

How to influence finfech buyers

How to influence finfech buyers

We interviewed senior decision makers responsible ...

Generating sales leads for Comarch Financial Services UK

Generating sales leads for Comarch Financial Services UK

Comarch specialises in providing technology softwa...

The 10 Dos & Don'ts of B2B fintech PR

This blog looks at the major dos and don’ts of B2B PR if you want marketing communications to deliver both fame and fortune for your fintech company.

What makes B2B fintech PR different to other sectors?

Regulation, speed, diversity and influencers all contribute to making B2B fintech PR and marketing different to most other sectors.

What did PayExpo 2018 have to say about the future of payments?

An overview of the key topics from PayExpo 2018 delving into some of the biggest issues in the industry from Open Banking and cryptocurrencies to real-time payments.

A perfect storm for RegTech

How will RegTech firms differentiate themselves as competition increases, how will they move beyond just financial services and explain their differentiation in a very crowded space?

The normalisation of cryptocurrency

Regulators are turning their eyes to the cryptocurrency space and it's only a matter of time before this activity is regulated. That leaves a choice - accept what regulations are passed and risk being regulated out of business or learn how to communicate within the wider financial services space.

The Three Ages of FinTech

How did FinTech begin, what is happening in the industry now and where is the industry headed?

Trust in the era of data privacy – can telcos present an alternative model?

The era of surveillance capitalism we now find ourselves in represents a real challenge. As operators try and reinvent themselves, the need for transparency and trust with consumers data only becomes more important.

FinTech in Poland: Earning the trust you deserve (II)

The Polish FinTech market is hot and if it wants to live up to its promise and become a real FinTech hub, the time to strengthen its position in the European market is now.

FinTech in Poland: Don’t wear your best dress in the dark (part I)

According to research by Deloitte, the FinTech market in Europe is worth about €2.2 billion, of which almost €860 million stems from Poland.

Open Banking: why retail technology providers need to step up  

The impending shift to “open banking” through the implementation of the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in Europe means radical change for retailers.

Open banking why should retailers and retail tech care

Our research into retailer readiness for PSD2, shows how little retailers know about PSD2 and the plans they have to take advantage of this new regulation.

New research: Technology vendors are failing retailers on PSD2

CCgroup research report into the impact of PSD2 on the retail sector and the opportunities it presents.

Decrypting ICOs for FinTech PR: first hype, now scrutiny

The dialogue in the fintech industry has shifted from competition to collaboration, with the industry increasingly concerned with regulation, evidence and legitimacy.

Money 20/20 Europe: 5 tips to boost speaker success

We caught up with Kate McKenzie, Content Producer for Money20/20 Europe who shared helpful hints and tips for companies looking to stand on stage in 2018.