You want to make the most of your PR and marketing investment. We want to develop campaigns that meet your business objectives. So we measure the impact of everything we do in the most finite detail.

Using a variety of tools and sources from Google Analytics to Marketo, we assess the value of all of our activities in line with your overall business objectives. Is the campaign generating leads? Are you receiving more investor and acquirer interest? Is the company brand growing in its reach and impact? We give you quantifiable answers to these questions.

PR directly impacts sales, and we can prove it!

Gone are the days of the ‘unmeasurable’ PR campaign. Whether it’s proving industry recognition, attracting investment or sale, or generating marketing-qualified leads

Decrypting ICOs for FinTech PR: first hype, now scrutiny

A few years ago, the conversation across the FinTech industry revolved around how new up-starts were using new technologies to disrupt and disintermediate traditional institutions

How to lose an industry analyst in 10 days (and ways)

What do industry analysts expect from AR Pros, and what practices should stop?

Mobile World Congress 2018 – The outline agenda is live

The eagerly anticipated framework agenda for Mobile World Congress 2018 has just gone live. This blog explains the GSMA’s thinking and is well worth a read.