Webinar how industry analysts influence security technology buyers

Security technology buying has changed massively over the last year. Accelerated purchasing processes make more use of industry analysts. Our cybersecurity stream has commissioned independent research ‘Security marketing strategies: influencing contemporary purchasing behaviour’, that shows how medium and large businesses use industry analysts to decide on their security investments.

On this webinar, we discuss how the boom in demand for security products and services, driven by the pandemic and new working practices, means there is an enormous opportunity for vendors to expand their customer base.

The webinar is hosted by our Head of Analyst Relations, Duncan Chapple, and our Head of Security, Florie Lhuillier.

The discussion focusses on:

  • The post-covid landscape
  • The most influential channels that businesses are paying attention to
  • Which type of content is driving more awareness 
  • The key role of analysts to decide on their security investments


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