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Members of the CCgroup team have been representing Mobile & Telecoms clients since 1984 – we know mobile like no other PR agency. We work with a broad range of companies, from network infrastructure providers and app developers to operators and consultants, and we’re a little ashamed to say that we’ve been to every iteration of what is now Mobile World Congress.

We’re close to the industry, and close to the technology developments and evolving market issues that affect us and our clients.


We build credible, compelling content to demonstrate that our clients understand and can solve the business and technology challenges that their customers face. We work to ensure that content is used across multiple communications channels – digital, media, analyst, events, and industry associations – to build the thought leadership and momentum that delivers commercial success.


Whether it’s generating sales leadsincreasing profile or building capital value for exit, , CCgroup has the knowledge, expertise and industry relationships to make your Mobile and Telecoms PR campaign a success.

How to Sell to Telcos in the Age of Digital Transformation

How to Sell to Telcos in the Age of Digital Transformation

This paper provides a fresh perspective on operato...

Award winning content & PR campaign: ‘Exposing the Privacy Predicament’ for Syniverse

Award winning content & PR campaign: ‘Exposing the Privacy Predicament’ for Syniverse

Syniverse needed a way to elevate its brand among...

How to Successfully sell to Telecoms Operators

How to Successfully sell to Telecoms Operators

An in depth report on how operators research and s...

Proving the link between PR and sales: Lead generation for eBuilder

Proving the link between PR and sales: Lead generation for eBuilder

eBuilder is an established company, but has been o...

How to use PR to attract acquirers

How to use PR to attract acquirers

Most tech companies do not attract attention from ...

How did Huawei become one the UK’s biggest smartphone names?

Huawei has grown quickly in the past few years.. Have they achieved this through investments in PR and marketing and will political scandal and concerns around around national security threaten to put the brakes on their growth?

A 4G network running on 1G customer service

Operators possess a wealth of data on who their customers and yet fail to provide them with a personalised experience, leading to subscriber disengagement. Operators need to find a way to improve customer experience by ensuring a seamless customer journey that reflects the needs of the individual.

What will the autumn budget bring for the UK’s public services?

In the wait for the Autumn budget, what effect would increased cuts have on the UK not just from an economic, social and political view but also from a technology perspective?
Investments in technology will enhance the UK’s position as a world leader in the global rush to be first to roll out 5G.

Mobile World Congress Americas: the learning curve continues

Mobile World Congress Americas took place last week, the second time the CTIA and GSMA have collaborated to breathe new life into the North and Latin American trade show circuit.

Media and telecoms: Convergence…or avoidance?

Increasingly, the broadcast and telecoms worlds are colliding and converging. But the fact that both MWCA and IBC are taking place in distinct, separate locations, at the same time, without any overlap, also sums up exactly where we are in that path to convergence. Or rather, where we’re not.

Guest post: IoT isn’t the killer app for 5G

Will IoT be the cash cow out of the gate to deliver the RoI on 5G?
Thanks to Josh Hewer for his interesting guest post analysing the monetization of 5G.

Trust in the era of data privacy – can telcos present an alternative model?

The era of surveillance capitalism we now find ourselves in represents a real challenge. As operators try and reinvent themselves, the need for transparency and trust with consumers data only becomes more important.

Digital Transformation World: Change is coming

A round-up of TMForum's 2018 Digital Transformation Show and the key topics covered.

The UK is crying out for full fibre gigabit connectivity. Can altnets save the day?

According to Ofcom, in 2017 full fibre broadband was available to just three percent of the UK. Taking altnet, CityFibre, private should make it easier to deliver on its vision of providing full fibre infrastructure to 20 percent of the UK market .

Operators versus OTT providers: Are we gradually seeing a turning of the tides?

Over the last five years operators have become increasingly invisible. But with privacy and data laws tightening, it seems the operators are gradually fighting back.

My love of all THINGS Swedish

Paul reviews Stockholm's THINGS, a showcase of the latest robotic, AI and IoT technology to come out of Sweden. THINGS is filled with technology-obsessed people, looking to build connections, attract funding and ultimately find customers.

MWC18: Freezing, fun, but also familiar

An overview of what the CCgroup Mobile & Telecoms team saw and learned at Mobile World Congress this year.

MWC: It's a wrap

CCgroup Mobile & Telecoms team round up the key themes from the 2018 show.

CCgroup’s Congress Crunch: Your ultimate MWC 2018 networking event guide

For CCgroup's last in the Congress Crunch series the Telecoms team shares a brief roundup of the some of the best events taking place during this year’s Mobile World Congress show.

Calling all telco vendors: look after the trade media, they’re worth (even) more to you than you thought

We asked operators what sources of information are most helpful when shortlisting vendors almost three quarters (74%) said the IT or trade media.

Digital Transformation: Vendors must help operators navigate unchartered waters

Telecoms operators are driving mass scale digital transformation. The result? Chaos, confusion and complexity for any vendor looking to sell to them.

CCgroup’s Congress Crunch: How to prepare for the MWC interview hot seat 

CCgroup's latest in the Congress Crunch series will help you prepare for interview at MWC to ensure you stand out.

CCgroup's Congress Crunch: How to dazzle the media at MWC

Some tips from CCgroup’s Mobile & Telecoms team on what you can do to make an impact this Mobile World Congress.

CCgroup's Congress Crunch - engaging with's the time!

A few tips from CCgroup’s Mobile and Telecoms team to help ensure your strategy and activity has the right bandwidth to engage with global analysts.

PR directly impacts sales and we can prove it

Whether it’s proving industry recognition, attracting investment for sale, or generating marketing-qualified leads, measurement in B2B tech PR is in rude health.