Webinar: How Can IoT Technology Vendors Successfully Market And Sell To Buyers?

Based on a survey of 150 IoT buyers from across the UK, US and Europe, the report reveals exclusive insights into buying behaviours, and the marketing channels and content types IoT buyers rely on to make longlists and shortlists of IoT tech vendors, as well as purchasing decisions.

This webinar is hosted by Chloe Pope, Head of IoT at CCgroup, Duncan McKean, Head of Deep Tech at CCgroup, and Matt Hatton, Founding Partner at Transforma Insights.

The discussion focusses on:

  • The most influential marketing channels and content types for awareness of and selection of IoT technology vendors
  • An overview of the different buying journeys for different types of IoT buyers
  • Vendor selection criteria—how to buyers pick their partners?
  • How is buying behaviour evolving and what new commercial models are emerging

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