Understanding the significant role of industry analysts in the cybersecurity technology buying process

In today’s competitive cybersecurity landscape, every advantage counts. Our latest report underscores the critical importance of an effective analyst relations program in cybersecurity marketing. 

This short paper summarizes the considerable influence of industry analysts in terms of the cybersecurity technology buying process.  Underlining the critical importance of having a strategic analyst relations program in place to maximise the effectiveness of analysts in evangelising your company, your technology and your strategic direction.

Download the full report to discover why:

  1. Industry analysts, either via word of mouth, or through inclusion in industry reports, are the most effective way for a cybersecurity vendor to get on the radar of a potential customer.
  2. Industry analyst reports are one of the most influential forms of content in driving awareness of a cybersecurity technology vendor’s products and approach.
  3. Industry analysts also play a key role in helping cybersecurity technology buyers select vendors for RFPs – analyst reports have a significant impact on vendor shortlisting.