Cybersecurity Catalyst Report

Security marketing strategies: influencing contemporary purchasing behaviour

The COVID‐19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption in businesses’ security operations. As millions of employees suddenly found themselves in a work-from-home model, IT security teams had to quickly shift priorities and budgets to protect their organisation and remote workers against cyber-attacks.

With remote work here to stay for many, companies are still planning to make considerable investments in security technology and the future for security vendors is looking bright.

However, the market environment has changed and security vendors need to readjust their marketing strategies and tactics to seize this opportunity. But, as a security vendor marketer, what’s the best way to grab attention? What and how should you be communicating in today’s tougher and highly competitive market?

We surveyed 200 UK senior decision markers that have been involved in a major security technology purchase in the last six to 12 months to discover the most effective ways in which vendors can increase brand awareness and maximise their chances of being selected for RFP processes.

The full report explores:

  • The top factors driving the need to purchase new security technology
  • The five most impactful channels for creating security vendor awareness
  • The most influential content types and channels for decision makers when shortlisting for security RFPs

If you are a security vendor looking to market and sell to SMEs and enterprises more effectively, download the full report now.