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01 May 2015
Approaching & Marketing to Influencers Increasing brand awareness with the industry influencer community to encourage them to amplify your m...
26 January 2015
How B2B tech vendors can use PR & Marketing to attract channel partners 
30 September 2014
Analysis, insight & advice on how to run B2B PR campaigns for best SEO effect
26 November 2015
Dido Harding is a name we have all become familiar with over the last few weeks. Following the TalkTalk security breach, which resulted in hackers acc...
09 November 2015
I’m writing this on the 5th November, a day universally recognised (well, in the UK) as one when a bunch of reactionaries decided to get rid of ...
03 November 2015
In this new series of blog posts, nicknamed ‘The Briefing Book’, we’ve quizzed some of our favourite technology journalists about th...
28 October 2015
It’s always gratifying to be shortlisted for industry awards, and even better when we win. So this week we were delighted to hear that the Publi...
14 October 2015
One case study, three sectors and over 100 leads for MyCheck
06 January 2015
CCgroup was tasked with helping Digital Realty in EMEA grow its brand awareness in the core technology and data centre media, and with directly contri...
08 October 2014
Comarch’s financial services division was famous across Europe and beyond, but relatively unknown in the UK.  CCgroup was tasked with raisi...

Concise Comments

30 November 2015
Vtech, a company which specialises in electronic toys and educational material for children, has had its app store database, Learning Lodge, hacked. The firm said that there was "unauthorised access" to the database on 14 November.
Via BBC News
30 November 2015
The Government Digital Service plans £3.5bn in efficiency savings on the back of its £450m budget, including a £1.3bn saving from its government-as-a-platform programme.
30 November 2015
The Bank of England is challenging students to come up with ideas for using blockchain technology to make a "positive difference to society," dangling the carrot of paid internships to those delivering the best pitches.
30 November 2015
Activity trackers, and smartwatches especially, are definitely going to get better, and writing off tech products in their early years often makes one look foolish later down the line. But right now, wearables are little more than a novelty for most people.
05 November 2015
Jimmy Wales has suggested that Apple should stop selling iPhones in the UK, if the government passes a new law that would prevent technology firms and service providers from using end-to-end encryption to protect private communications.