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17 August 2015
01 May 2015
Approaching & Marketing to Influencers Increasing brand awareness with the industry influencer community to encourage them to amplify your m...
26 January 2015
How B2B tech vendors can use PR & Marketing to attract channel partners 
03 September 2015
In five years’ time, more than half of the PR jobs in existence today could disappear. These careers will be replaced by computers aided by data...
20 August 2015
The research briefings for MWC’16 at GSMA towers are progressing at full tilt. This is when a vast array of companies and their tech PRs spannin...
18 August 2015
For all aspiring entrepreneurs, first time founders, please think about the below! In no way is this compilation a derogatory statement and I hop...
14 August 2015
A snippet of a recent conversation with a B2B tech company went something like this: “Who tends to be the principal buyer of your products and ...
06 January 2015
CCgroup was tasked with helping Digital Realty in EMEA grow its brand awareness in the core technology and data centre media, and with directly contri...
08 October 2014
Comarch’s financial services division was famous across Europe and beyond, but relatively unknown in the UK.  CCgroup was tasked with raisi...
14 September 2014
Blanket media coverage, MWC speaking slot, sales leads and award wins - all from a single piece of content.  
31 July 2014
Mobile World Congress has built a global reputation as the premier industry event of the year. The entire industry therefore competes on an annual bas...

Concise Comments

04 September 2015
Some 35% of all TV and video viewing is now watched on-demand with over half of consumers claiming to watch streamed on-demand content at least once a day.
04 September 2015
Technology: is it in a bubble? That question has been reverberating around Silicon Valley for at least two years. But it is the wrong question. It also distracts from a more serious consideration, and one that has assumed new urgency with the China slowdown and global stock market wobble.
04 September 2015
Websites and apps aimed at children are gathering unacceptable amounts of personal data, the Information Commissioner's Office has warned.
Via BBC News
04 September 2015
WhatsApp today passed 900 million monthly active users, according to founder Jan Koum.
04 September 2015
We may not be able to do all the fun things that cats do, like napping all day or always landing on our feet. But now we can finally see the world as a cat does thanks to a new project by Japan’s Hiroshima prefecture.