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09 December 2015
What influences senior decision makers in capital markets at different stages in the purchasing process when selecting a technology vendor?   C...
01 May 2015
Approaching & Marketing to Influencers Increasing brand awareness with the industry influencer community to encourage them to amplify your m...
22 February 2017
Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, with attendees at the event last year surpassing the 100,000 mar...
19 December 2016
It’s that time of year again. No matter how much I complain that silly lists of what will be big in the New Year are trivial and superficial and...
28 November 2016
CCgroup has recently completed its latest client survey. After all, it’s a brave organisation that bases the solidity of its ongoing business on...
06 March 2017
Azzurri Communications (now Maintel) needed to dispel a longstanding negative perception in the media and shift market attention to a new set of posit...
13 February 2017
InterDigital develops mobile technologies that are at the heart of devices, networks and services worldwide. The company helps solve many of the mobil...

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11 August 2017
Smartphone vendor Samsung was able to best its rival Apple to retake the number one U.S. market share position in the three months ending in May – but only just barely. A showdown is coming.
11 August 2017
Security seems to be hindering innovation, a new study suggests.
11 August 2017
On the 1st June, China implemented its new cyber security law, making it illegal for critical personal data such as PIIs on Chinese citizens to be held outside of China
10 August 2017
A trial of mobile signals on London's tube network is poised to begin on the Waterloo and City line, as authorities attempt to bring coverage Europe's biggest "not-spot".
Via Telegraph
10 August 2017
An analysis of 48 popular websites determined that 46 percent of consumer services sites and 36 percent of enterprise or business services sites had "dangerously lax" password policies that failed to enforce even some of the most basic security requirements.