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26 January 2015
How B2B tech vendors can use PR & Marketing to attract channel partners 
30 September 2014
Analysis, insight & advice on how to run B2B PR campaigns for best SEO effect
01 June 2014
The role of PR in tech exits
25 March 2015
Two weeks have passed since the global telecoms industry convened in Barcelona. It already feels like a lifetime ago. As vendors, operators and consul...
23 March 2015
Last week the GSMA launched the GSMA Marketplace – a new online commerce platform that promises to connect buyers and sellers that span the tele...
13 March 2015
Next week, I am presenting at B2B Marketing’s InTech event on a topic that rarely receives attention – how B2B tech vendors should market ...
05 March 2015
When I talk with prospects or receive RFIs, social media is almost certain to feature in some way, shape or form. Social media is now a critical commu...
06 January 2015
CCgroup was tasked with helping Digital Realty in EMEA grow its brand awareness in the core technology and data centre media, and with directly contri...
08 October 2014
Comarch’s financial services division was famous across Europe and beyond, but relatively unknown in the UK.  CCgroup was tasked with raisi...
14 September 2014
Blanket media coverage, MWC speaking slot, sales leads and award wins - all from a single piece of content.  
31 July 2014
Mobile World Congress has built a global reputation as the premier industry event of the year. The entire industry therefore competes on an annual bas...

Concise Comments

26 March 2015
Driverless cars will accelerate the renaissance Britain’s automotive industry is currently enjoying, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs, adding tens of billions to the economy and saving thousands of lives.
26 March 2015
The total amount invested in the global fintech sector rose from just over $4bn in 2013 to more than $12bn last year, as record amounts were poured into companies developing technologies that promise to turn the financial sector on its head.
Via The FT
26 March 2015
Vodafone has added its voice to calls for BT to spin off its broadband network into a separate company, saying the formerly state-owned telecoms firm has used its taxpayer funded network to gain a £5.5bn advantage over rivals.
26 March 2015
Hotspot, the institutional foreign exchange market owned and operated by BATS Global Markets, is to expand its European presence with the launch of its first Europe-based FX matching engine later this year.
26 March 2015
A privacy survey found that most smartphone owners care far less about securing work-related data in comparison to other information stored on their phones.