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17 August 2015
01 May 2015
Approaching & Marketing to Influencers Increasing brand awareness with the industry influencer community to encourage them to amplify your m...
26 January 2015
How B2B tech vendors can use PR & Marketing to attract channel partners 
20 August 2015
The research briefings for MWC’16 at GSMA towers are progressing at full tilt. This is when a vast array of companies and their tech PRs spannin...
18 August 2015
For all aspiring entrepreneurs, first time founders, please think about the below! In no way is this compilation a derogatory statement and I hop...
14 August 2015
A snippet of a recent conversation with a B2B tech company went something like this: “Who tends to be the principal buyer of your products and ...
31 July 2015
It’s fair to say that the financial services community and regulators around the world have faced turbulent times in recent years. Regulation ca...
06 January 2015
CCgroup was tasked with helping Digital Realty in EMEA grow its brand awareness in the core technology and data centre media, and with directly contri...
08 October 2014
Comarch’s financial services division was famous across Europe and beyond, but relatively unknown in the UK.  CCgroup was tasked with raisi...
14 September 2014
Blanket media coverage, MWC speaking slot, sales leads and award wins - all from a single piece of content.  
31 July 2014
Mobile World Congress has built a global reputation as the premier industry event of the year. The entire industry therefore competes on an annual bas...

Concise Comments

27 August 2015
Digital assistants like Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and Google Now all share one key thing in common: the more they know about you, the more useful they become. And so that's presumably why Facebook has just launched its own digital assistant, M, to a few hundred people out in the Bay Area.
Via BBC News
27 August 2015
Six in 10 consumers are expected to increase their use of contactless payment when the limit rises from £20 to £30 in September.
27 August 2015
Qualcomm confirmed on Wednesday it has sold its 40 MHz of U.K. L-band spectrum to Vodafone and 3UK.
27 August 2015
Fewer than 5% of UK and US 16 to 35 year olds believe their digital identity is completely protected by effective safeguards.
24 August 2015
Japanese police investigating the disappearance of nearly $500m of bitcoins are poised to rearrest the French founder of the Mt Gox virtual currency exchange amid questions about the purchase of a $48,000 four-poster bed.
Via The FT