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01 June 2014
The role of PR in tech exits
01 June 2014
How to Influence FinTech Buyers - download our latest FinTech PR whitepaper
01 August 2013
CCgroup's research into how operators research and select their suppliers
01 August 2014
This week the PRCA Technology Group held a panel session on ‘What readers want’, featuring Robert Cookson from the FT, Leo Mirani from Qua...
24 July 2014
The FinTech market is, by general consensus, on fire. PitchBook figures show that $346m has been invested in FinTech start-ups in the first half of th...
18 July 2014
Dave Lee’s blog this week cast a dark cloud on the future of technology journalism.
04 July 2014
Last week saw some of the world’s leading telecoms technologists head to Amsterdam for the LTE World Summit. By all accounts, it was a fairly qu...
31 July 2014
Mobile World Congress has built a global reputation as the premier industry event of the year. The entire industry therefore competes on an annual bas...
29 July 2014
CCgroup helped Arieso (later acquired by JDSU) define a new market for network operators, and drove interest and leads as a result
25 July 2014
Industry analysts play a vital role in validating technologies and advising end users on purchasing decisions - but what if the technology is so innov...
01 July 2014
Promoting IT companies invariably means cutting through the jargon and deiphering the technology. For Arieso, we drilled down past the science to tell...

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01 August 2014
Marlon Stöckinger, 23 years old, a Filipino-Swiss Junior Formula One driver, started racing for British racing team Lotus in 2013. He finished that year's Renault 3.5 Series season in 18th position on the official Junior F1 rankings, with 23 points. This year, midway in the calendar, he has 63 points. Notwithstanding Mr. Stöckinger's improving skill, how did he do it?
01 August 2014
Regulators in Europe and the US are struggling to get to grips with trades that appear to be travelling back in time. Led by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, new efforts are underway to synchronise time, with the help of atomic clocks.
01 August 2014
In terms of corrective vision technology, nothing has ever quite matched the invention of the eyeglasses way back in the thirteenth century when it comes to helping people deal with eyesight issues.
Via Wired
01 August 2014
A new law imposing restrictions on users of social media has come into effect in Russia.
01 August 2014
The new, complex multi-screen enterprise IT environment presents a large security and management challenge for IT in terms of keeping track of data, and securing against malware. Via TechRadar
Via TechRadar