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30 September 2014
Analysis, insight & advice on how to run B2B PR campaigns for best SEO effect
01 June 2014
The role of PR in tech exits
01 June 2014
How to Influence FinTech Buyers - download our latest FinTech PR whitepaper
18 December 2014
Dear Santa, My name is B2B PR and I am more than 150 years old (and three quarters). I think I have been really good this year. To be honest, I thin...
18 December 2014
So here we are again, that time of year when various media outlets and companies make their predictions about what’s going to be hot in the foll...
09 December 2014
It is undeniable that FinTech is everywhere at the moment. Every day, more-or-less, we hear about the launch of a new FinTech fund, a sizeable piece o...
03 December 2014
In the last 18 months, we’ve made some major investments in primary audience research and data analysis. We’ve been building a unique view...
08 October 2014
Comarch’s financial services division was famous across Europe and beyond, but relatively unknown in the UK.  CCgroup was tasked with raisi...
14 September 2014
Blanket media coverage, MWC speaking slot, sales leads and award wins - all from a single piece of content.  
31 July 2014
Mobile World Congress has built a global reputation as the premier industry event of the year. The entire industry therefore competes on an annual bas...
29 July 2014
CCgroup helped Arieso (later acquired by JDSU) define a new market for network operators, and drove interest and leads as a result

Concise Comments

22 December 2014
The Payments Council has secured government support to look at supplying more information around electronic payments.
Via FStech
22 December 2014
This Christmas is set to be a major milestone for the UK’s embracing of wearable technology, according to a survey, which discovered more of us than ever before have asked Santa for some this year.
22 December 2014
The Brixton Pound, a hyperlocal currency used in the South London district of Brixton, is to roll out contactless terminals throughout the area.
22 December 2014
The culture of sharing everything can feel a little hackneyed at times, but it may have a huge impact on the news that we read as publishing companies get to grip with different ways to do business, says Monty Munford.
Via Telegraph
22 December 2014
Banking customers now handle more of their banking interactions, on average, via smartphones and tablets than through any other channel, says Bain and Company, which surveyed roughly 83,000 consumers in 22 countries to reach its conclusions.
Via Finextra