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09 December 2015
What influences senior decision makers in capital markets at different stages in the purchasing process when selecting a technology vendor?   C...
01 May 2015
Approaching & Marketing to Influencers Increasing brand awareness with the industry influencer community to encourage them to amplify your m...
22 January 2016
“Digital Workplace” is one of the new terms a la mode in enterprise technology. It was catapulted into enterprise CIOs’ minds when G...
14 January 2016
Here we are, back in the saddle, just nine working days into the New Year and contemplating yet another Mobile World Congress - and this year represen...
06 January 2016
I joined CCgroup just a few weeks ago. I’ve had some great internships, but this is my first PR job so I’m not claiming ground-breaking in...
18 December 2015
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic, and one which has created much discussion and debate in the CCgroup offices for the past 18 months. It&rs...
01 December 2015
CCgroup was tasked with launching LOGICnow as a new brand to the global IT services management (ITSM) market. In order to secure primary brand positio...
14 October 2015
One case study, three sectors and over 100 leads for MyCheck
06 January 2015
CCgroup was tasked with helping Digital Realty in EMEA grow its brand awareness in the core technology and data centre media, and with directly contri...
08 October 2014
Comarch’s financial services division was famous across Europe and beyond, but relatively unknown in the UK.  CCgroup was tasked with raisi...

Concise Comments

05 February 2016
Google will provide YouTube livestreams of its artificial intelligence (AI) software playing games of the ancient Chinese board game of Go against Lee Sedol, the highest ranked Go player in the world.
05 February 2016
Microsoft has released the latest component of its cloud IoT suite, the Azure IoT hub, which was first announced back in September.
05 February 2016
The number of banks experimenting with blockchain technology and looking at their own digital currencies is growing by leaps and bounds, so it’s no surprise that Deutsche Bank is well on its way to having its own blockchain technology.
05 February 2016
Facebook says we have way fewer than six degrees of separation to Kevin Bacon.
05 February 2016
Amdocs report highlights VoLTE issues, indoor coverage in cities and poor roaming network quality.