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The Napalm Girl | Navigating the civil and po...

The Napalm Girl | Navigating the civil and political implications of s...

30 September 2016
On Day 3 of SMWLDN CCgrouper Miles Alexander attended a panel discussion on the polarity on social media. From political debates to issues of morality is the way we commu...
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Cementing market credibility for Wandera

Cementing market credibility for Wandera

02 May 2016
Wandera is one of the most innovative companies in mobile security and needed a brand position that mirrored its technological prowess. Through the CardCrypt Campaig...
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How to Influence FinTech Buyers in Capital Ma...

How to Influence FinTech Buyers in Capital Markets

09 December 2015
What influences senior decision makers in capital markets at different stages in the purchasing process when selecting a technology vendor?   Capital markets firms...
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About CCgroup

CCgroup opened its first London office in 2005 having been established in the Thames Valley 20 years earlier. By 2012, London had become home to our headquarters and we’re now a leading player in the vibrant London Tech PR scene.

Why London? Better talent, better influencer access, better networking. London is the world’s largest PR centre. Almost every major international tech influencer lives in, works in or passes through London more frequently than any other European hub. And the networking opportunities mean we’re always ahead of market trends. It’s the perfect place to launch European and international tech PR programmes.

Based in London

For many technology markets, London is the European centre of influence. Major tech global companies, leading consultancies and innovative start-ups have offices here. Authoritative international trade associations, industry bodies and academics are represented here. Critical media, analyst and non-traditional influencers call London home – or pass through often enough to regard it as a second home.

London is the perfect location to launch and lead international technology PR and marketing programmes – European, EMEA-wide or global. From London, CCgroup has driven successful market entry campaigns, lead generation activity and exit programmes for tech companies from around the world.