What telcos want from vendors: marketing strategies that deliver

Marketing and selling to telcos has always been challenging – recent developments have only made it tougher. But what if you had access to insight into how the telco buying process has changed and how you can influence it?

In this webinar we reveal unique data from our proprietary research into the telco buying process, ‘Selling to telcos in the age of digital transformation‘.  We will outline our analysis of the key trends and what they mean for vendors, and make recommendations to help marketers navigate an increasingly complex telco sales process.

The webinar is hosted by Paul Nolan and Anais Merlin, who manage CCgroup’s telecoms division. They’re joined by Mary Clark, serial telecoms vendor executive, in a discussion that aims to help vendor marketers ride the storm and generate telco sales opportunities.

The discussion will focus on:

  • The unprecedented change and disruption affecting telco buyers
  • The impact of telco internal restructuring on the buying process
  • What telcos want from vendors and what vendors do that frustrates them
  • The most successful marketing channels in influencing telco buying decisions
  • Recommendations on how vendors can be succeed – even with limited resources

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