How to influence telco operators through industry analysts

The global pandemic has forced vendors to re-consider how best to market and sell to global telcos. But what impact has global lockdown had on telco technology buying? Which marketing channels have tech decision makers within telcos been most receptive to?

On this webinar, we discuss the findings from our telecoms insight report, “Navigating telco turbulence: lessons for vendor marketing”, which contains exclusive insights from a survey of 101 technology buying decision makers within global telcos. The report proves the considerable influence of industry analysts in helping telcos shortlist and select vendors for RFPs.

The webinar is hosted by Duncan Chapple, Head of Analyst Relations, and Paul Nolan, Head of Mobile and Telecoms at CCgroup.

The discussion focusses on:

  • Understanding vendor selection
  • The most influential marketing channels influencing telco tech buyers
  • The marketing channels that have directly and decisively led telcos to select vendors for RFPs

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