Analyst Relations Forum 2022: Data, measurement and AR

The Analyst Relations Forum 2022 brought together hundreds of analyst relations and marketing professionals to explore best practice and next practice for the industry.  

In our session exploring the evolution of analyst relations measurement, Duncan Chapple, Head of AR at CCgroup and Co-director at The Analyst Observatory, was joined by AR leaders Julie Guhasarkar, Senior Director, Analyst Relations, Rubrik and Sarita Kincaid, VP, Corporate Communications, SugarCRM. They discussed how analyst relations professionals could develop new approaches to data and measurement that can better demonstrate business value:  
23rd June, 16:00-17:00 UK time Data, measurement and AR 

  • How can we shift from measuring process to measuring outcomes? 
  • How can AR programmes use data to drive effectiveness? 
  • How can AR metrics evolve to align with wider business metrics? 
  • Exploring the role of data in driving digital transformation for AR practices 

Julie Guhasarkar,Senior Director, Analyst Relations, Rubrik Sarita Kincaid, VP, Corporate Communications, SugarCRM Moderator: Duncan Chapple, Head of AR, CCgroup, & Co-director, Analyst Observatory