D&A at CCgroup

Data and analytics (D&A) is central to the work we do at CCgroup.   

Our D&A specialists sit across the business with the aim of providing marketing and communications leaders with the tools and insights they need to develop the right strategies, adjust the focus of campaigns based on real time analytics, and more easily demonstrate the impact that marketing communications is having on their business.   

Using data for measurement

Measurement holds us accountable for what we do. By using data to regularly measure how our activity is resonating with your target audience we can make gradual adjustments that improve our work.


Our process means measurement begins at the beginning by understanding your business ambitions so we can prescribe actionable objectives, strategies and KPIs that helps us improve your company’s awareness, enhance your thought leadership, generate leads, build reputation, and much more.  

We believe in transparency, we’re not here to just show you big numbers. By measuring our work effectively, we can see what works and what doesn’t and evolve our programmes to deliver business value. At the end of the day, you’ll have everything you need to plan based on evidence, adjust campaigns on the fly to be more effective, and demonstrate RoI internally. 

Bespoke intelligence reports

Using data from our analytics toolset, our insights team digests big data, analyses the outputs to produces actionable reports that evaluate your media performance and that of the competition. 

Analyses such as Power of Voice, Share of Search, and Share of Conversation, allow our PR team to identity coverage drivers, key messages, search terms, and white space conversations that gives your business an unfair advantage.   

Our reports can tell you about:

  • Power of Voice
  • Coverage drivers
  • Competitor key message penetration and key topics
  • Trending media topics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Conversations and reach across social media
  • Overall reach across the media landscape