B2B PR will often rely on thought leadership in order to place a client at the top of the industry agenda. There are few sectors however where thought leadership PR is more important than in Professional Services. In a sector based on a knowledge economy, showing industry insight and accurate market analysis is absolutely critical.

During the sales and selection process for consultancy services, it is typical for prospects to assess a given organisation’s suitability for a project based on the individuals’ profiles. This therefore means that extensive media coverage for the key individuals in principal publications is essential – an online footprint of insight, analysis and market commentary that highlights the organisation’s quality of personnel and thought leader position.

In addition, Professional Services PR requires extensive evidence of quantifiably successful previous engagements in the relevant markets. Case studies therefore become the lifeblood of the Professional Services PR campaign, in conjunction with excellent thought leadership that shows off the organisation’s critical thinking.

CCgroup has experience of working with professional services companies across multiple technology sectors, promoting expertise and experience with varied content and through a wide selection of suitable channels. Results have invariably included a high volume of additional sales leads, increased press and social media profile leading to more frequent consideration in pitch processes, and heightened SEO impact.