Machine to machine (M2M) communications provide the foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT). The direct communication between devices, including sensors has given rise to a wide variety of M2M use cases and applications including smart meters, industrial automation, logistics and telematics. With the broadening of the concept of the Internet of Things however, M2M communications have taken on wider significance in helping bring more consumer mass market services to fruition. Emerging IoT use cases now include connected homes, a broadening portfolio of connected devices (including wearables), smart cities and connected transport.

CCgroup clients play across the M2M PR ecosystem – from enabling standards to supporting infrastructure and middleware to end user applications providing us with a holistic vantage point. We have a wide range of experience working M2M companies. Organisations like Sensus, who build intelligence into M2M communications networks underpinning smart utilities. The Wireless Broadband Alliance, an industry trade association that is passionate about the role of unlicensed access technologies in delivering the connectivity that enables many IoT use cases. We also have experience working with InterDigital, the company that licences technology that underpins IoT service delivery platforms. This includes its oneTRANSPORT service that is currently being trialled by a number of local councils in the UK.



CCgroup’s M2M PR credentials stem from its pedigree in supporting telecommunications companies for nearly 30 years. Despite the crowded nature of the marketplace, we work with clients to generate unique insights on existing and emerging issues and focus attention o the things that make them different.

CCgroup’s client portfolio covers many of the overlapping bases of the M2M PR ecosystem. Because of this deep knowledge we are able to spot opportunities for differentiation, create compelling content and gain access to the key influencers in the M2M space.



CCgroup has a proven track record of creating and running M2M PR programmes that deliver results. Whether your objective is to access a new conversation, build awareness for an emerging capability, generate marketing qualified sales leads or position yourself for exit, CCgroup is a PR agency that can help M2M companies achieve the recognition and rewards they deserve.


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