Immersive technology PR Expertise

Thanks to technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), along with technologies such as digital doubles, the lines between the physical world and the digital world are blurring. Today, we can exist as both a human and digital entity.

Alongside VR and AR, there are other sensory technologies, such as haptics and audio technology, that are allowing people to become fully immersed in the digital world. For immersive technology vendors, communicating the value and commerciality of these innovations can be difficult.

We have a track record of helping emerging and future technology companies showcase immersive video innovations – years ahead of deployment and mainstream availability – to highlight their importance and commercial value.

Immersive technology PR Capabilities

For deep tech such as immersive video and haptics, it can be difficult to communicate the important role these innovations play, especially ahead of market availability. At first glance many of these technologies are appealing and “sexy”, but finding a way to communicate their value beyond initial novelty appeal can be hard.

Our detailed understanding of these industries means we help clients in these arenas to identify their real-world impact, stake out points of differentiation, and develop messaging. We work with clients to drive these messages into the market through analyst and media relations, stakeholder engagement, event marketing and social media campaigns.

Results for Immersive technology PR clients

CCgroup has a strong track record of helping clients across the immersive and creative tech industries achieve cut-through and establish market leadership positions. From establishing brand presence for InterDigital in the video industry through promotion of its 3D, digital doubles, and AR, VR and mixed reality (“MR”) research, to promoting AI-driven mobile broadcast solutions for Mobile Viewpoint, CCgroup has a firm grip on both market dynamics and the technical detail to make client campaigns a success.


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