Over the last 30 years, CCgroup has helped dozens of technology companies enter the EMEA market. London always has been, and probably always will be, the beachhead on which American and Asian tech firms launch their marketing assault on Europe, the Middle East and Africa. And as exciting new tech companies spring from Latin America, and even mainland Europe, London becomes the focal point for their international push.

As a region, EMEA is vast and diverse. Companies launching into the region face dozens and dozens of countries, languages, cultures and economies. They have to tailor their campaigns to local idiosyncrasies and regional variations to ensure they get their messages across and don’t inadvertently offend target audiences.

How tech firms effectively enter EMEA and enhance their presence here is entirely contingent on the audience they are targeting.

For example, a technology company targeting mobile operators needs to think on a regional basis. The media, analysts and consultants that most influence vendor selection are predominantly based in regional hubs. London is home to most European influencers, and a selection of African influencers. In the Middle East, Dubai has established itself as the telecoms influence capital of the area.

But this changes dramatically for enterprise technology propositions. Here, a much more local, polycentric approach is required. Each country has its own set of specific influencers – there are only a few trade shows that effectively reach across geographic boundaries.

To ensure we were equipped to support clients conducting EMEA PR programmes, we joined the GlobalCom Global PR Network almost a decade ago.

With approximately 40 offices across EMEA, GlobalCom is a worldwide group of like-minded PR and marketing communications consultancies.

There’s almost nowhere we cannot reach.

Every GlobalCom agency is a successful company in its own right. It has thrived in its local market due to the quality of the services it offers. There are no weak links – the kind clients have come to expect from ‘global’ agencies. And through GlobalCom we can offer a single point of global management, co-ordination and billing.

GlobalCom enables us to offer clients the best of both worlds – local power with global reach.

GlobalCom agencies have a strong heritage in technology PR and marketing communications and have deep relationships based on regular contact and working together on client campaigns.

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