Our partner consultancy – Dynamo PR – specialises in consumer technology PR. At the heart of Dynamo is the belief that any client work needs to be creative, forward thinking and deliver outstanding results.

Dynamo was founded on the principle of using audience insights to create compelling strategies and counsel that lead to content, campaigns and stories that will engage and resonate and ultimately deliver the results that clients rely on.


Dynamo works with a broad range of clients, from disruptive start-ups and challenger brands, through to established international corporations and has worked with multiple clients taking them from a ‘garage’ through to a successful exit.

With offices in London, UK and San Francisco, US, Dynamo also has a wide partner agency network through Europe, APAC and Americas.

Dynamo has deep experience in a wide range of consumer tech sectors, from hardware such as mobile and smart-home; on-demand consumer services; VR, AR hardware and software solutions; and increasingly AI and ML based products and services.

Clients tell Dynamo that the combination of its creativity, hard work and audience insight sets them apart from other agencies, and they frequently win awards as voted by their peers.


In six years, it has won over 70 awards for its work, including in 2017 best technology PR company, outstanding mid-sized consultancy, and best PR company to work for.

It’s also been ranked as the third most creative agency in the world, and won awards for global consumer marketing in crowdfunding, having raised over $30M for clients.

As proud of the way it works, as well as its client results, Dynamo has garnered lots of column inches for its stand on diversity, innovative employee practices, and support for campaigning on fair pay for all.

Drop us a line at [email protected] if you’d like to find out more.



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