Artificial Intelligence PR Expertise

While artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been buzzwords within the technology industry for quite some time, it is now that we are finally seeing AI’s true market potential. In fact, industries such as telecoms, IoT, computing and aerospace are all set to be making significant investments in AI technology over the next few years – heralding a huge market opportunity for vendors.

But such is the noise around AI that, although it is set to transform a number of markets, it is no easy feat for innovative and forward-thinking companies to be heard. We work with AI technology companies that are going beyond the marketing hype to bring true AI innovation to market.

Artificial Intelligence PR Capabilities

In such a competitive and noisy market, artificial intelligence PR campaigns need to do more than raise brand awareness – these campaigns need to take advantage of creative storytelling to showcase true innovation, highlight market opportunity, demonstrate growth, and provide real insight. Campaigns that combine technical understanding with business opportunity allow us to position our clients as leaders in their field.

Our knowledge and expertise of telecoms, IoT, enterprise technology and deep tech means we are perfectly positioned to create successful integrated marketing campaigns for our AI clients. From messaging to media relations, thought leadership to lead generation and social media campaigns, we understand the right communications channels to influence and engage with our clients’ audience.

Results for Artificial Intelligence PR clients

We’ve worked with a plethora of AI clients across many markets, from those that use AI to increase productivity and efficiency in manufacturing, AI to support remote working, through to AI-driven image search, and AI-based remote production. We developed the successful launch of EXFO’s AI-driven network monitoring and performance, with an integrated communications campaign that incorporated media and analyst relations, social media, sales roll-out and event engagement. And we also launched Mobile Viewpoint’s AI-driven remote sports production with a hugely successful media trip with its partner Ajax FC.

At CCgroup, we have both the technical and commercial understanding to ensure our clients work and technology innovation really cuts through the noise.


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