CCgroup team members have been working in CleanTech since 2006. We know the industry exceptionally well and, crucially, care about its success. Whether in renewable energy or wider green business, significant communication challenges face companies looking to establish themselves and contribute to the fast growing green economy. We bring an in-depth knowledge of clean technology, fresh perspectives and an urgency to our clients and the companies that serve the sector.


We’ve work with a range of companies from component manufacturers, service providers and campaign groups; and understand the urgency of clear, insightful communications. We can deliver an intelligent mix of compelling, credible business and consumer PR as we’re close to the market, the politics, the people and the technologies that affect us and our clients.


CleanTech is crucial for the development of a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable world. That’s why we believe in CleanTech businesses and want to help them succeed. More importantly, we know the very real challenges facing the industry. Whether it’s generating sales leads, increasing profile or building capital value for exit, CCgroup has the knowledge, expertise and industry relationships to make it happen.


MWC20 – what will telco marketers do next?

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