How to Influence Purchasing Behaviour in a Tough Economic Climate

Cybersecurity Marketing Strategies

The cybersecurity market environment has never been more challenging. Geopolitical events are making attacks more likely, while the cybersecurity talent shortage is worsening, and global economic uncertainty continues. As a result, enterprises are grappling with a growing skills gap and budget cuts and struggling to keep up with increasingly sophisticated threats.

However, there’s still a positive outlook for vendors. The market for cybersecurity products remains competitive, with many enterprises looking for vendors that can better address their needs. In fact, 78% of enterprises in the US and 58% in the UK have increased their investments in the last year, while 81% of enterprises overall are looking to work with new cybersecurity technology suppliers in the next 12 months.

So, as a cybersecurity vendor marketer, how can you leverage this opportunity? CCgroup worked with independent research firm Coleman Parkes to explore the current economic climate and the industry skills gap’s impact on the cybersecurity buying landscape and what influences enterprises’ choice of provider.

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  • The top factors driving the need to purchase new cybersecurity technology
  • Which channels and content types most affect the shortlisting and selection stages of a purchase
  • The provider attributes that have the biggest influence on buying decisions
  • The biggest obstacles to getting a purchase over the line