CCgroup Catalyst Research Report

How B2B PR done right benefits your seo

Analysis, insight and advice on how to run B2B PR campaigns for the best SEO effect

Savvy B2B marketers understand the importance of search in driving purchasing behaviour – as has been shown repeatedly in our ‘Catalyst’ – Audience Insight reports.

But too few realise the role that PR – and especially media relations – can play in supporting efforts to boost an organisation’s search profile.

So we worked with SEO specialist Totally Digital to understand how to balance media outlets’ PR value with their SEO value and therefore target the right publications with our B2B PR campaigns.

From this intelligence, we have created this white paper, it includes:

  • A breakdown of the co-dependence between SEO and PR
  • An analysis of the SEO merits of over 250 online B2B publications
  • An introductory guide of how to best take advantage of them

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