Our clients rely on us to deeply understand their industries, to enable us to give them sound counsel and to challenge them appropriately. That’s why we are a driven and curious bunch at CCgroup and we relish the challenge of learning about our niche technology specialisms.

This series of Tech Talks is part of our commitment to providing the best tools and training to support our people with their continuous professional development both in the PR and technology worlds. Since we are such generous souls we want to make these talks accessible and so have decided to share them with everyone to support the need for constant learning in our industry.

TECH TALKS The History of Telecoms

Alan walk us through the history of Telecoms from the very first telegraph systems, to transatlantic cables, right up to...

TECH TALKS 5G: the battle for column inches, rather than a technology revolution

Dan explains the science behind the much hyped 5G technology, where the real potential for 5G lies and most importantly,...