Titania specialises in accurate, automated security and compliance assessments of networking devices, enabling organisations – including 30+ federal agencies within the US government, global telcos, multinational financial institutions, and the world’s largest oil and gas companies – to defend their networks from preventable attacks by identifying configuration drift and prioritising the remediation of their most critical risks.

Ahead of the launch of a critical new product dedicated to enterprises in 2022, Titania tasked CCgroup to design a campaign to drive traction in the market.


With this launch, Titania needed to do three things:

  • Increase awareness of the various use cases for this new product, generating 10 pieces of coverage in highly regarded IT and security publications
  • Differentiate Titania and demonstrate the value it can deliver to security, compliance, vulnerability assessment and network teams
  • Support its lead generation efforts amongst its target audiences within the U.S. telecoms, financial services, oil & gas and most particularly military/federal sectors


CCgroup suggested a research-led content marketing campaign based on interviews with 160 cybersecurity decision makers across the US telecoms, financial services, oil & gas and military/federal sectors and that would be centered around a core asset.

This registration-only asset available on the Titania website would then be promoted through a range of paid, earned, shared and owned channels.

CCgroup developed a questionnaire in collaboration with Titania, then partnered with and managed the B2B research firm Coleman Parkes to find out how organisations are currently managing the critical risks associated with misconfigured network devices.

The research revealed respondents felt confident with their security and compliance practices, but the data suggested that they also leave their organisations open to risk, costing them a significant amount of revenue. In addition, many businesses were not minimising their attack surface effectively.

Using these findings, CCgroup drafted a story flow then a white paper in collaboration with Titania’s marketing team, as well as byline articles and a press release.

To increase the reach and visibility of the content within the US military/federal sector, support Titania’s sales team and ensure the right audience was reached, CCgroup also recommended working with a media partner on a content syndication campaign. CCgroup recommended working with GovExec (formerly Public Sector 360) based on its reach, lead quality and value.

Finally, to extend the report’s lifespan even further, two additional reports were created – one dedicated to the military/federal sector and one on PCI DSS 4.0 compliance. CCgroup’s team also pulled out telecoms and financial services data to create sector-specific pitches which resulted in additional coverage.


Over the course of a four-month campaign:

  • The announcement drove 29 pieces of coverage, including the top tier security publications Help Net Security, CSO Online and The CyberWire, the top vertical publications Federal Times and The Fast Mode as well as Venture Beat. The media coverage spanned an online readership of 5M and was shared on social 370 times.
  • Overall, the campaign generated 189 U.S. leads. The media campaign delivered 25 leads, the GovExec campaign delivered 100 leads and a follow-up event helped to generate 64 leads.

“Ahead of the launch of our enterprise-scale security and compliance assurance solution – Nipper Enterprise – in 2022, we asked CCgroup to design a campaign to drive traction in the market by highlighting the known gap in our target customer’s tech stack and demonstrating the value of our innovative solution.” – Head of Marketing, Titania