In Mobile & Telecoms


Our brief was to make Tellabs synonymous with ‘smart networks’ and to stimulate its lead generation programme. As mobile network operators face increasing pressure in the wake of unprecedented demand and declining revenues, the need for intelligent networks was becoming a key market driver.

Tellabs provides telecoms operators with infrastructure products that boost network performance and capability. The programme relied on creating regular news hooks and new angles to tell the smart network story. CCgroup had to link network performance and evolution to long-term business strategy and short-term shareholder concerns.


Mobile operators have become “utility” stocks, offering small returns and failing to attract marquee investors. We needed to prove that operators with ‘smart network’ strategies would deliver higher investor returns.

We worked with STL Partners to analyse operator strategies and quantify the anticipated returns of ‘smart network’ investments.

Launching at STL’s Telco 2.0 event, our integrated marketing campaign led with the angle that smart strategies could increase cash returns on invested capital to levels enjoyed by the likes of Google.


Almost every major telecoms publication around the world prominently and positively featured the story, carrying our key messages. The social media campaign created ‘overwhelmingly positive’ amplification and the direct mail campaign was well received.

Within one month, the report was downloaded hundreds of times. Critically, the campaign created 30 operator sales leads and reinforced Tellabs’ position as a leader on the issue of smart networks.