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The Blackfriars Bridge solar panel installation would create an enormous 50% of the electricity needed to run the new Blackfriars railway station. Two of CCgroup’s clients – Panasonic and Solarcentury – who were involved in the project saw the opportunity to raise awareness of the practical benefits of renewable energy.


Blackfriars Bridge is set to be the largest solar bridge in the world. The 4,400 solar modules atop the bridge will cover a substantial 6,000m2 when completed. The array will create a staggering 50% of the electricity needed for the day-to-day running of the new sustainably constructed Blackfriars railway station.

In July 2012, the Blackfriars solar installation reached half-way, and CCgroup had two clients involved in the project. The solar panels are manufactured by Panasonic and the projected designed, managed and constructed by Solarcentury. The challenge was to maintain the story’s initial momentum and create more interest in a manufacturer’s and installer’s central role in this project.


Both Panasonic and Solarcentury view Blackfriars Bridge as a landmark project.  Solarcentury, as installers, face the challenges of a long and complex construction, due to building over water and in one of the busiest urban areas in the world. Panasonic were tasked with providing highly efficient solar panels capable of producing excellent output.

Whilst a Network Rail refurbishment, it was vital to maximise Solarcentury and Panasonic’s visibility to a business and consumer audience interested in the role and benefits of solar power.

Marking the half-way mark, a major construction milestone, CCgroup reached out to key renewables, construction and environment trade press, the most valuable targets for Solarcentury and Panasonic. We also communicated to consumer titles, using striking imagery to communicate the vast scale of the project and key bite-size facts to gain interest.


CCgroup achieved coverage for Blackfriars Bridge in many target publications, including BusinessGreen, Solar Power Portal, Eco Builder, and Inhabitat.

The news was also featured in The Guardian, ITV News, and the London Evening Standard.

Most importantly, we gained visibility for Panasonic and Solarcentury and ensured their story was told.