Openet is one of Ireland’s largest privately owned software companies. It delivers solutions and services to global telecoms operators to help them launch and monetise digital services, drive customer engagement and improve time-to-mt for new services. It works with many of the world’s largest operators and remains at the forefront of technology innovatioarken.


Openet has retained its independence despite industry turbulence driving consolidation amongst its peers over the last 20 years. It has built trust with its operator customers by being consistently honest and transparent on the market opportunities and threats that they face. Openet warned operators against the growing dominance of large vendors, the need for operators to embrace wholesale digital transformation and advised them on new technological approaches needed to properly monetise 5G.

Operators have been forced to navigate uncharted waters. They have received criticism for not adapting to changing times quickly enough, for being slow to embrace new opportunities and deploy new technology. Openet sought to break this negative industry narrative, show empathy for operators and acknowledge the real progress being made in embracing change.


Openet was keen to focus on the progress operators were making in re-inventing themselves as digital brands. Working so closely with so many innovative operators, Openet knew that significant progress was being made as a direct result of following digital transformation strategies in anticipation of the launch of 5G. However, Openet could not credibly tell this story on its own – it required independent verification if it was going to be taken seriously. Working with CCgroup, Openet ran a consumer survey, asking people to rank mobile operators alongside other leading digital brands such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and eBay. The intention was simple, prove that operators were held in high regard by their customers as digital, forward-thinking brands.


The resulting consumer survey across five countries delivered the headlines that Openet was expecting: mobile operators are respected as leading digital brands by their customers. In fact, operators were ranked higher than the likes of Uber, Spotify and eBay. Furthermore, 70 per cent of the global survey base considered mobile operators to be ‘digital first,’ underlining the significant progress they had made.

CCgroup and Openet presented the findings to the telecoms media as part of a press trip to Dublin—Openet’s home. Openet hosted the most influential operator-facing publications and gave the opportunity to put questions to its CEO, Niall Norton. The resulting press release and presentation resulted in 15 articles, a combination of news stories and opinion articles. Niall was also invited to join a podcast, recorded from a Dublin pub, hosted by the highly respected publication, reinforcing Openet’s growing reputation as an innovative thought leader.

To date, a white paper containing all the supporting statistics from the research campaign, hosted on Openet’s website, has been downloaded more than 360 times. This has provided opportunities for Openet to proactively engage operator decision makers in commercial discussions related to digital transformation and future service monetisation.