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Driving insight, compelling stories, strong media coverage and leads from a client’s own proprietary data.


In December 2010, CCgroup and Arieso – a company that provides customer centric location aware solutions to help mobile operators boost their network performance and enrich user experience – delivered new insight into the behaviour of smartphone users.

The ‘hungry handsets’ campaign was hugely successful, producing hundreds of articles, dozens of requests for the related whitepaper and some quality sales leads.

A year later, Arieso had updated data on the impact of smartphones on operators’ networks. The challenge was to repeat the story but provide new news angles, and increase cut-through by more closely linking to the Arieso sales proposition.


The first thing we did was move the launch to the first week of January 2012, taking advantage of the news vacuum ahead of CES.

To identify the news angle, we pored over the vast quantities of data and identified two strong, highly accessible ‘hooks’: that iPhone 4S users consume double the data of iPhone 4 users, and that 1% of all mobile users hog 50% of data.

We then evolved the whitepaper content to more specifically track Arieso’s evolving sales proposition, focusing on the ability to identify trends, and provide real solutions and guidance.


The 2011/12 campaign delivered more quality and a greater volume of coverage (650+ items in two weeks). The FT, WSJE and IHT/NYT all covered us – the IHT/NYT devoting almost half a page. We led almost every tier one telecoms news publication in APAC, EMEA and LatAm. Our spokesperson 29th interview in three days was live on Bloomberg, prime time east coast, down the line from London!

Critically, the campaign generated over 400 requests for the whitepaper, including dozens from target prospects around the world. Months after the story broke we still see references in the media and still and receive whitepaper requests.