Signicat is a pioneering, pan-European digital identity company with an unrivalled track record in the world’s most advanced digital identity markets. Its digital identity platform incorporates the most extensive suite of identity verification and authentication systems in the world, all accessible through a single integration point. The platform supports the full identity journey, from recognition and on-boarding, through login and consent, to making business agreements which stand the test of time.


Europe is a key region for Signicat and the company’s investors. In particular, Signicat was focused specifically on the financial services industry in this region. Despite a lot of effort being put into acquiring more marketing-qualified leads (MQLs, Signicat needed to create more value from its investment and better qualify leads to see which had the most potential to become customers.

Signicat’s marketing team makes a substantial investment in original content that can educate potential clients about the company’s products and services and the industry.


The analyst community recognises Signicat as one of the thought leaders within the digital identity space. The company wanted to target financial institutions in English-speaking areas in particular.

The CCgroup team recommended organising and facilitating a webinar to showcase Signicat’s knowledge in the digital identities for financial institutions. The team recommended that Signicat partner with an analyst firm specialising in financial services industry and arrange one of their analysts to speak at the event.


In total, 500 people registered for the webinar with 180 live attendees. From all attendees, 70 came from Signicat’s target geographies, and 75 were qualified firms in Norway.

The webinar delivered almost 200 marketing-qualified leads and, after categorization, over 100 new leads were prioritized for sales follow-up.