Case Studies Using a targeted analyst outreach strategy to define new markets

Industry analysts  play a vital role in validating technologies and advising end users on purchasing decisions – but what if the technology is so innovative, the analysts have no frame of reference?

Case Studies Telling the best tech stories

Promoting IT companies invariably means cutting through the jargon and deciphering the technology.

Case Studies Positioning Solar leaders

The Blackfriars Bridge solar panel installation would create an enormous 50% of the electricity needed to run the new Blackfriars railway station.

Case Studies Securing Strategic Partners:

Encap’s authentication technology is superior to its market rivals. It has a solid, growing customer base in Europe.

Case Studies Showing merchants the path to PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is essential for all UK merchants who handle credit card details – and ignorance is no defence.

Case Studies Strategic PR to Position for Exit

To deliver real value, the end goal of all PR should be to support an organisation in meeting its core business objectives.

Case Studies Positioning Fundamo for exit

Fundamo was a forerunner in mobile financial services, but unknown to many in the international mobile or banking industries.

Case Studies Positioning disruptive technology

CCgroup was tasked with maximising awareness of Bluwan’s microwave technology and showcase its market-changing capabilities.

Case Studies Delivering Sales leads for MFS Africa

CCgroup was tasked with launching mi-Life, the world’s first mobile life insurance service, in Ghana on behalf of MFS Africa.