Telco Transformation: Lessons for vendor marketing

Learn valuable insight into how telco vendor marketers should navigate the transformation journey to cloud infrastructure, OSS/BSS, and network backhaul alongside their telco customers.


Cybersecurity Marketing Strategies

How to Influence Purchasing Behaviour in a Tough Economic Climate

Learn about what and how as a cybersecurity vendor you should be communicating to better engage with prospective buyers.


How to influence fintech buyers

The shop window is everything


How Brand Influences Enterprise Technology Buyers?

In this report we outline exactly how and where brand perception influences purchase decisions. We explain exactly what buyers expect a vendor’s brand to consist of and communicate. And we give some simple and actionable steps to show how to create a strong, distinct brand that works as a commercial asset.


How can IoT technology vendors successfully market and sell to buyers?

This unique study, conducted in partnership with Sapio Research, shows that each type of IoT buyer has a different and distinct buying journey, and influence of marketing channels and content
varies enormously between each of them.


Security marketing strategies: influencing contemporary purchasing behaviour

This study, conducted in partnership with Coleman Parkes Research, unveils how technology decision makers are currently engaging with various channels, content types and the impact they are having on vendor selection.


Navigating Telco Turbulence: Lessons For Vendor Marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced changes in the dynamic between telco and vendor. As a result, many telco marketers are readjusting their marketing strategies and tactics, under greater pressure to achieve ROI from marketing investments.


How MediaTech companies can use integrated marketing communications to achieve commercial success

With competition within the broadcast and media industry intensifying, being heard continues to be a struggle. Download the full report now to discover how companies can deploy tactics for success.


How to influence retail technology buyers?

As online commerce continues to pull consumers away from ‘bricks-and-mortar’ retailers, both traditional and online merchants are under mounting pressure to invest in technology to deliver a better service.


How to sell to telcos in the age of digital transformation

This unique study, conducted in partnership with Insight Avenueuncovers a complex purchasing process; and an increase in the levels of demands on vendors to support telcos with digital transformation.


CCgroup Insight Reports

Effective B2B PR relies on only a few things – putting great content into the hands of the right people at the right time. But creating great content relies on knowing exactly what the audience wants and needs to see.

We feel strongly about this… Too many B2B technology companies are marketing ‘blind’. Too many PR content marketing and lead generation campaigns are planned and executed with very little evidence underpinning the tactics used. Too many PR agencies rely on conventions and years-old experience in a rapidly changing world.

So, we created Catalyst – a B2B PR audience insight programme designed to unearth the sources audiences trust, the content audiences prefer and the messages audiences want to receive. On these pages you are able to download all of the reports we have produced so far for free.

INSIGHTS REPORTS How to talk so farmers and landowners listen

How can renewable energy companies combat the confusion amongst farmers and landowners in order to help them invest in renewables?...