“Hands-down excellent work. The PR masterminds at CCgroup have served as an invaluable extension of our PR team at Syniverse for over 10 years. Their expertise, relationships and ingenuity in the tech space is unmatchable. No matter the business challenge, the team always goes over and beyond to come up with disruptive ways to break through a crowded marketing space, to prove ROI, and to impress our executives. ”
Jessica Summers, Global Public Relations Manager, Syniverse

“We needed an agency that could help us tell a differentiated story that cut through the noise and delivered both column inches and sales leads CCgroup has been the perfect fit and the team has consistently demonstrated their ability to build awareness and support sales.”
Aron Kozak, CMO, Signicat

“CCgroup are truly experts in the fintech sector. This deep market knowledge has been critical to Travelex’s efforts to become a leading global fintech player. CCgroup has married smart strategy, compelling creatives, and strong tactical implementation to help Travelex meet its business objectives.”
Adam Cooper, Global Head of PR, Travelex

“CCgroup exceeded our expectations. In under one month, and in the most competitive environment in fintech – Money20/20 – Tribe needed to stand out and gain the interest of prospects and investors. CCgroup devised the strategy and delivered top tier coverage resulting in over 150 MQLs and the interest of global investors.”
Emily Utton, COO, Tribe Payments

“The only thing that matters in communications is reaching audiences with strong and convincing messages and generating belief, not any sort of standard execution or “best practices” that are anything but. This is especially true today, when people – audiences, reporters, analysts – are so over-solicited with content, and when many traditional approaches have lost any traction they once had. The team at CCgroup understand that, and are both innovative and relentlessly goal-oriented in their efforts. They are also the best partners a client could ever have: helping drive imagination, forthright in their feedback, courageous in opposing bad ideas. I can’t imagine our program without them.”
Patrick Van de Wille, Chief Communications Officer, InterDigital

We work with a number of leading PR and communications consultancies across the UK. Part of our role is to track what good looks like in terms of service delivery and we do this by means of our aggregate performance data.  

CCgroup’s results for 2016 really stood out for us. The agency beat our ‘Willingness to recommend’ aggregate by 20 percentage points. CCgroup also surpassed its immediate competition with extremely strong scores in the ability to provide strategic counsel and advice to its client portfolio. This is traditionally an area where Agencies fall down.  CCgroup bucked the trend with a 23 percentage point lead above the industry average in this category.  

In all, a very impressive performance all round.
Imogen Osborne, Co-Founder, Question & Retain

“CCgroup helped us to understand where Azzurri could fit in our overcrowded cloud communications industry and how we could articulate that for best effect. The team’s advice and expertise were invaluable for us to build the reputation and relationships which secured our strong foothold in the market.”
Rufus Grig, Group Strategy Director, Maintel (formerly CTO of Azzurri Communications)

The judges gave the campaign a ‘perfect 20’ score, describing it as: “excellent, comprehensive research to identify an important issue with very specific, measurable and connected outcomes. A case study that students should read to realize the subject matter doesn’t have to be sexy to have good work recognized”. 
Silver Anvil, Judges 2017

CCgroup has been consistently helpful to me in my research and is always responsive and highly professional. It’s always a pleasure to work with people who really ‘get’ what analysts need and always does their best to make things happen for me.
Tony Cripps, Principal Analyst, Smart Cities and Urban IoT, GlobalData Technology

“Thunderstorm has the potential to revolutionise the cinema industry, bringing technology vendors together to address the challenges our market faces. Making an impact at CinemaCon was key in order to drive awareness of the platform. Our campaign with CCgroup not only exceeded our expectations, but we have solidified our position as a leader in the digital cinema industry.”
Sonny Waheed, Chief Marketing Officer, Arts Alliance Media

“CCgroup’s skill lies in the versatility of its activity. Single messages and individual pieces of content have manifested themselves in news announcements, comments in features, published byline articles, successful award entries and speaker submissions and even our marketing collateral. The combination of all these has led to a greatly increased profile and industry recognition and clear contributions to our pipeline.”
Omer Wilson, Marketing Director EMEA, Digital Realty

“The ‘Access in Africa’ campaign was a big success for Bluwan. The Somcable announcement received blanket coverage in titles including Bloomberg, Africa Telecoms, Communications Africa, Total Telecom and Global Telecoms Business. The campaign even captured the interest of the United Nations, which posted the link to the announcement on its twitter timeline (@UNHCR).
Shayan Sanyal, CMO, BluWan

“Choosing to work with CCgroup was an important decision in achieving our company objectives. Not only did CCgroup’s strategy help us develop our sales pipeline, it helped build the value of Fundamo and attract the interest of international investors.”
Aletha Ling, COO, Fundamo

“The team at CCgroup does a great job of a) understanding the companies that it represents, b) understanding analyst core coverage areas and responsibilities, and c) mapping them to generate value for both parties. And I should add, CCgroup’s AR team are a pleasure to work with!”
Chris Barnard, VP EMEA Networking & Telecoms, IDC EMEA

“Identifying insight that reflects our unique vantage point on the development of the internet of things and smart cities is very challenging. Achieving significant headlines that capture real attention amidst so much hype and hot air takes careful thought, significant preparation and meticulous execution. This campaign ticked all the boxes and reinforced our position as a mobile technology leader.”
Patrick Van de Wille, Chief Communications Officer, InterDigital