Use Analyst Relations to Accelerate Sales

Analyst Relations can accelerate the purchasing process and increase the number of leads for business-to-business technology providers…


Navigating Telco Turbulence: lessons for vendor marketing

We discuss the insights from our telecoms report on how to help telecoms technology vendors market and sell to global telcos more effectively….


Security marketing strategies: influencing contemporary purchasing behaviour

We reveal unique data from our latest security report, outline our analysis of the trends 


CCgroup Webinars

We’re a curious bunch at CCgroup and share a passion for learning about our clients’ niche technology specialisms. We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of four key tech markets; mobile & telecoms, enterprise tech, fintech and deep tech as well as our analyst relations and digital marketing services streams.

Our webinars feature discussions across all our specialisms and are free to watch on demand, supporting the need for constant learning in our industry.

WEBINAR What telcos want from vendors: marketing strategies that deliver

Marketing and selling to telcos have always been challenging - recent developments have only made it tougher. Discover how the...