Audience Insight - Catalyst

Effective B2B PR relies on only a few things - putting great content into
the hands of the right people at the right time.
But creating that great content relies on knowing exactly what the
audience wants and needs to see



We feel strongly about this...

Too many B2B technology companies are marketing "blind".
Too many PR, content marketing and lead generation campaigns are planned and executed with very little evidence underpinning the tactics used.
Know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself
Peter F. Drucker


Too many PR agencies rely on conventions and years-old experience in a rapidly changing world.


So we created Catalyst - a B2B PR insight initiative designed to unearth the sources audiences trust, the content audiences prefer and the messages audiences want to receive.


These are the reports we have completed so far:

  • Each of our practices has produced industry-first research into their audiences' decision-making processes
  • We have examined how tech companies can use PR to attract the attention of acquirers
  • We have distilled 18 years of Mobile World Congress experience, including supporting the GSMA itself, into a white paper detailing the marketing opportunities
  • We have examined the SEO value of UK national and trade media and proved the value of SEO-focused PR