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CCgroup began its focus on tech PR in 1989, when the PR professionals that had launched Vodafone and overseen BT’s floatation joined our senior management team.
Since then, CCgroup has worked with dozens of technology companies to help them create awareness, drive lead generation, build perceived value and position for exit. These have included major brands and innovative challengers.

Mobile Heritage

In particular, CCgroup has been at the heart of the mobile technology industry for more than 20 years. We’ve worked with the GSM Association for the last 17 years, helping to turn a technical standards body into one of the most successful and influential campaigning trade associations in the world.
We’ve worked with mobile operators, major network equipment providers, OSS/BSS companies, device manufacturers, app developers, mobile advertising outfits, industry consultants and more – effectively every part of the mobile value chain.
As the world has gone mobile, we’ve extended our business as other vertical markets grapple with the potential of mobility.

FinTech Pedigree

We’ve worked extensively in fintech. Initially with innovative organisations like Fundamo, using mobile to bank millions of unbanked people in emerging markets and dramatically improving quality of life. One of the proudest moments in CCgroup’s history was when our PR campaign was singled out as a major contributing factor to their $110 million exit to Visa.
In addition, we’ve worked with the very first developed markets mobile payments efforts, card manufacturers, card processing outfits, next generation payments companies, core retail and corporate banking platforms, mobile business apps, PoS manufacturers and much, much more.

Enterprise Technology Expertise

Our mobile and wider telecoms experience has enabled us to develop very successful campaigns for companies targeting the enterprise audience. One of the most memorable was for a company called Visto – nowadays branded as Good Technology. Our award winning campaign pitted Visto against the then mighty BlackBerry in the mobile email wars. Visto won market share against a whole host of competitors and dominated the market with its thought leadership.
Besides that, we’ve worked extensively with organisations in the enterprise telephony, enterprise mobility, hosting, data centre connectivity, productivity, call centre technology and VPN arenas.

CleanTech Credibility

In the very early days of CCgroup (then Companycare) we launched the UK’s first windfarm and represented the wind industry’s bible – Windpower Monthly. In 2012, we launched a specialist cleantech division to support companies struggling to communicate their offerings in a very difficult environment. Our research and advisory activities earned us multiple award nominations and invitations to speak at All Energy in Aberdeen, EWEA in Vienna and IRENA in Abu Dhabi.
Technology PR
Technology PR Highlights
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Get in touch We get up in the morning to help great companies with innovative technologies and bold ideas win the recognition, respect and rewards they deserve. If you want to work with an ambitious tech PR team that has your commercial interests at heart, get in touch.

In 2012, we launched a specialist cleantech division to support companies struggling to communicate their offerings in a very difficult environment

Who We Are

The strength of any PR or marketing consultancy is based on the quality of its people. We have built and developed a very strong team with deep sector specialisms and expertise across a range of functions.

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Richard Fogg

With over 15 years of experience in B2B telecoms and technology PR, Rich has worked with some of the world’s ...
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Paul Nolan

Head of Mobile & Telecoms
Paul has worked in technology PR and integrated communications for twelve years and has specialised in telecoms for...
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Daniel Lowther

Head of FinTech
Daniel has more than eight years’ experience in B2B public relations and heads up CCgroup’s FinTech div...
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Will Gardiner

Head of Business Technology
Will is Head of Business Technology at CCgroup and brings more than eight years’ B2B PR and Marketing experie...
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Charlotte Webster

CleanTech Lead
Charlotte established CCgroup’s CleanTech division in June 2012. Charlotte specialises in messaging, communic...
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Duncan McKean

Head of Broadcast & Media Technology
Duncan joined CCgroup in October 2009. He began his career in B2B communications in 1998, at agencies including Axi...
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Our 2017 Tech PR Predictions

The tech PR market has come a long way in the last few years, but 2017 will be an incredible year. Opportunities abound for tech PR professionals both agencies and in house.

These predictions started life as amalgamation of conversations with clients, prospects, industry influencers, competitors and professional bodies. I’ve then simply asked myself and the CCgroup team – how might these things manifest themselves in 2017?

Here’s the result.


1. PR professionals take charge of customer insight

B2B tech brands do not know enough about their customers and prospects. The net result is that the marketing and sales programmes and messages they put out don’t resonate with audiences as much as they should. In the consumer world, brands invest millions of pounds a year on customer insight. But it’s not about the money, it’s the seeming lack of ambition amongst B2B tech firms to do more than just ‘optimise’ campaigns. B2B tech brands seem ‘content’ with category level insight from industry analysts that’s available to all their competitors.

In 2017, things will change. B2B tech sales and marketing leaders are beginning to know what they don’t know. Due to recent advances in business psychology and data collection, and the gradual emergence of planners who can turn this data into insight, tech PR professionals can play a leading role in the collation and application of customer insight. I wrote about it for Gorkana late in 2016.

Early in 2016, we started Aperture – a specialist consultancy employing psychology, data and technology to derive customer insights in the B2B market. And if we, a tech PR agency, can do it then others with greater resources than ours can too. It’s a critical step on a journey that will evolve dramatically in 2017.


2. Tech PR leads on PR automation

I don’t think it has ever been more difficult to hire good tech PR people. So why do they end up spending so much time on low value tasks – the type that could be automated? Take some big data, integrate machine learning and add a dash of AI and you have an incredible opportunity for the whole PR industry. But it’s likely that tech PR folks that are more familiar and comfortable with technology will lead the way – and make the requisite mistakes - for the whole industry.

What does it mean in practice? Well, ‘goodbye’ to the dull but necessary tasks of daily PR, the challenge of hiring huge numbers of talented tech PR people and the wastage on admin and reporting. ‘Hello’ to strategy training earlier in careers, scaling brilliant people across tasks and, the main aim, more time spent doing ‘PR’.

CCgroup is making a big bet on the automation of PR in 2017, starting with a thorough examination of the possibilities and the tasks that waste time and deliver little value. It’s going to be a long, hard, expensive road. But the potential is really quite amazing.


3. We all love media relations, again

Over the past few years, media relations has become a ‘dirty word’ in PR circles. We’re meeting a worrying number of junior to mid-level job candidates who don’t seem to value media relations, or make much of their influencer contacts. And these are PR people.

Insight and strategy, content marketing, customer reference programmes et al are critical to contemporary sales, marketing and PR programmes. But first and foremost, clients hire tech PR agencies to win them targeted media coverage, which helps to activate marketing programmes and reach a wide range of audiences. I’ve seen a couple of examples where SEO and advertising agencies have attempted to engage with journalists – it’s truly awful. Media relations must remain the domain of PR professionals because we’re good at it and should be proud of it.

Obviously, PR is not just media relations – that’s far too limiting today. But media relations is an essential component of contemporary tech PR. As an industry, PR has devalued one of its greatest assets. In 2017, we’ll learn to love, respect and value media relations once again in tech PR.


4. Integrated marketing programmes: PR takes centre stage

Over the past seven or so years, CCgroup has learned how to participate in integrated tech marketing programmes. Now we’re finally realising that, of all the marketing disciplines, PR is the best function to lead integrated efforts.

In five years, PR will have secured its rightful place at the centre of integrated marketing programmes across all markets and sectors. We have superior market and customer insight, we excel at inventive storytelling, we understand multi-channel communications and we can handle measurement tied to business outcomes. Trust me, PR will be the most important marcomms game in town. Nothing made me more sure of this than my trip to SXSW last year.

But in 2017, and especially in tech, PR will start to take the lead more formally, demonstrating the benefits the function can bring as the fulcrum of integrated marketing. Just consider this: if we’ve grown up learning to successfully engage with the world’s most cynical audience (the media), then working through owned channels and going direct should be a piece of cake (it’s not a piece of cake – but knowing how to tell a compelling story that drives a response is more useful than knowing how to buy ad space).


5. Buckle up: tech PR growth outstrips the rest of the PR industry

In PRCA research published in 2016, the two areas are tipped for most significant growth in the next few years were healthcare PR and tech PR. There was an emphasis on the latter.

Many areas of PR - corporate, financial, consumer and industrial – are suffering from intense price and competitive pressure. This became apparent at the PRCA’s final PR & Communications Council meeting of 2016. In stark contrast, tech PR is flourishing.

CEOs and MDs of specialist tech agencies have reported growth levels of above 30% in 2016. That’s decent growth, but some of us are daring to dream of 50% in 2017 (I’m not quite sure anyone has thought about staffing this growth yet, but let’s not spoil the optimism). As the tech market grows and grows, and the opportunities to play more strategic, more integrated and more successful roles in campaigns evolves, the potential for incredible growth is there. 2017 promises to be a vintage year for tech PR professionals.

How CCgroup can help your business

CCgroup can help you use PR to achieve your commercial objectives. Not just media relations for the sake of it, but credible, compelling campaigns that impact your target audiences and gives them real reasons to talk to you:
  • We provide internal & external perspectives on your market & business; identifying your points of uniqueness and developing compelling messages
  • We help you re-frame your audience’s problems to challenge their thinking; linking to your uniqueness as a solution using intelligent, insightful content
  • We help your content and your messages reach and engage your target audience via influencers (media, analysts, consultants etc.) and directly (digitally, at conferences, events etc.)
The objectives of our campaigns are always commercially-driven, and often come down to:
  • Drive awareness
  • Generate sales leads
  • Demonstrate value
  • Position for exit
We have five specialist tech PR teams: mobile & telecoms, fintech, business technology, consumer technology and cleantech. We are proven in each industry we serve, have a variety of case studies and testimonials and our clients are happy to talk about their experience of working with us if required.
We get up in the morning to help great companies with innovative technologies and bold ideas win the recognition, respect and rewards they deserve. If you want to work with an ambitious tech PR team that has your commercial interests at heart, get in touch.