Social Media PR


For lead generation in B2B technology, our Catalyst research suggests that social media currently has little impact. But that’s only half of the story. When viewed through the wider lens of brand awareness, reputation management and influencer relations, social media and digital PR offer unprecedented opportunities to influence your industry.

Social media PR and digital play a critical role in getting the right message, to the right people, at the right time. We see the real value of social media PR in fostering online discussions with key decision makers and their influencers, as well as maximising the visibility of valuable content. While social media shouldn’t be considered a standalone mechanism for reaching B2B audiences – at least until the decision-maker demographic shifts - it still plays an important role.



Social media activities are almost always integrated with wider lead generation and traditional PR campaigns, to make sure both owned content (whitepapers, blogs, and customer case studies) and earned media coverage gets the fanfare it deserves.

Using valuable digital assets and the right social channel, a company can maximise the visibility of its content and accentuate its share of voice.

Influencer marketing allows companies – and critically their knowledgeable executives - to be part of the industry conversation - offering a voice on challenges and developments in their space. As a discipline, influencer relations combines effective PR skills with community management and content marketing to build meaningful relationships with the key commentators in an industry. Supported by our team, our clients can engage with influencers, build relationships and have an influence on the industry.

Paid social advertising is an emerging discipline within B2B technology PR. Paid social activity gives a company control of their content distribution (based targeted outreach mechanisms and real-time platform analytics) within an increasingly uncontrollable social landscape. This can prove to be a more valuable way of putting relevant content in front of the right people – increasing clicks, downloads and potentially valuable leads.

We work alongside our clients and assess how to make the most of the social platforms on offer – from social platform set-up to paid campaigns. We will work with you to assess how best to make the most of the right social platforms, what content to use and promote, how to promote it and monitor audience engagement.

Our social media and digital services include: 

  • Social media set-up and management based on industry guidelines and best practice (ongoing consultancy and support)
  • Digital asset creation (social posts, images, videos, content calendars, etc)
  • Social media training (setting company guidelines and 101 company training)
  • Influencer marketing (Working with clients to establish key influencers, monitoring influencers to help understand what they are talking about, when and where)
  • SEO PR and consulting (from technical SEO, through integrating SEO PR, to full search engine marketing campaigns)
  • Measurement and attribution analysis
  • Creative social media campaigns 


For the last few years, the B2B technology sector has struggled to make social matter. Lacklustre campaigns that simply pump out corporate dross and curate industry news with little commentary have dominated. But we’re starting to see an enthusiasm and a desire to make social count as part of an integrated, measurable campaigns.

Because of our expertise in measurement techniques and marketing automation platforms, we’re able to prove real business outcomes from social efforts - right the way through to purchase. And we practice what we preach ourselves.

Our MD Richard has written a chapter in B2B Marketing magazine’s book “Influencer Marketing Best Practice Guide 2014”.