Alex Santos

Blockchain PR Expertise

The blockchain market is riddled with complexities. In fintech and financial services, blockchain technology has the potential to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital economies. In industries such as IoT, cloud computing and immersive tech, blockchain is heralded as a saviour, providing a much-needed solution to security and data challenges.

At CCgroup, we believe blockchain companies can be an overwhelming force for good, and we’re passionate about working with transformative innovators — those who are creating and pioneering an era of transparency, efficiency, and trust.

Blockchain PR Capabilities

A blockchain PR strategy needs to do more than simply build awareness — It’s about cutting through a crowded and hype-driven market with bold campaigns that differentiate our clients, shine a light on the problems they solve for their customers, and showcase the real-world impact of their technologies.

Reflecting the unique and fast-changing makeup of the blockchain media landscape, our campaigns drive and inspire action through an array of traditional approaches like media relations, thought leadership and emerging disciplines like influencer marketing and social selling.

Born from our heritage across fintech, enterprise technology and deep tech, our dedicated blockchain PR practice delivers compelling integrated marketing communications focused on influencing and engaging developers, exchanges, regulatory bodies, enterprises, operators, governments, content creators and traditional financial institutions.

Results for Blockchain clients

CCgroup has strong track record of establishing credibility, building profile, and boosting company value for bold and ambitious blockchain firms. We’ve helped a digital identity provider generate 75 crypto exchange MQLs, launched an ICO for a hedge fund looking to tokenise blockchain stocks, delivered 108+ pieces of coverage in a single quarter for the first crypto-friendly payments company, and raised awareness for blockchain based copyright enforcement company.