CCgroup’s team has been running and executing IT PR & Marketing campaigns for more than seven years. We understand the different nuances of the business / enterprise audiences and have a highly envied breadth of experience. Whichever business department or decision maker(s) the campaign needs to target, we’ve got it covered – CXOs, heads of IT or departmental heads from within any industry.



We build stand-out messaging and arguments for our clients, tightly focused on their target audience and their own business goals. We then use our lengthy experience and data-driven insight (see our latest research paper to the right) to develop interesting, insightful and multi-channel content that leads to a strong thought leadership position.



We are not just about press coverage. Media engagements are supplemented with analyst relations, lead generation programmes, digital content, social media management or influencer targeting. What the programme actually looks like depends on one sole factor: your business objectives.