Amazon readying smartphone to compete with Apple, Google?

Amazon is reportedly dialing up its battle with Apple and Google by developing its own smartphone. The Internet retail giant is working with hardware maker Foxconn to create a device to challenge the iPhone and Android-based phones, sources tell Bloomberg. The company is also beefing up its porfolio of patents covering wireless technologies to head off expected legal challenges, other sources told Bloomberg.


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Telefónica strikes direct-to-bill deals with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and RIM

Telefónica has struck global direct-to-bill deals with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Research In Motion, enabling users to pay for content through their mobile phone bills. The framework agreements with four of the world’s biggest technology firms will allow Telefónica’s millions of customers around the world to pay for digital content and services via Facebook, Google Play, the Windows Phone Marketplace and BlackBerry App World, through their mobile phone bills.


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Google says spam not coming from Android botnets

Google on Thursday dismissed the possibility that a new wave of pharmacy, penny stock and e-card spam emails are being sent by Android spam botnets.”Our analysis suggests that spammers are using infected computers and a fake mobile signature to try to bypass anti-spam mechanisms in the email platform they’re using,” a Google spokesman said via email in response to security researchers from Microsoft and antivirus firm Sophos who first identified what they believed to be the handiwork of an Android botnet.

Ofcom proposes price caps for BT wholesale

Ofcom yesterday set out proposals to cap the prices BT can charge for leasing its telecoms infrastructure, which it claims will lead to real-time price reductions for most customers. The regulator said the lines, which are rented by companies to provide broadband and mobile connectivity, gave BT “significant market power” and suggested in its business connectivity market review last month that controls should be put in place to protect those purchasing the network.

Do smart devices make smart kids?

I grew up with Ladybird books. They looked pretty old-fashioned when I was reading them and they seem to belong to a bygone age in the era of iPads and e-books. These days, with the toddler acknowledged as the family’s tablet expert, children often learn to navigate the internet before they learn to read. But are smart screens making our children smarter or simply creating a new generation of “square eyes”?


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