How to influence FinTech buyers

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How to Influence FinTech Buyers - download our latest FinTech PR whitepaper

Too many B2B marketers are marketing "blind" 

What is missing is quantitative data on how decision makers at financial institutions identify and select technology vendors. Understanding their influences is critical in helping develop marketing and communications programmes that ultimately help vendors sell.


CCgroup partnered with MRops to interview senior decision makers responsible from large global financial institutions regarding what influences their selection of technology vendor at different stages of the purchasing process: 

  • Longlisting vendors
  • Shortlisting a vendor
  • Making the final decision


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After reading it, you wil lbe able to:

  • Align marketing plans with how your buying audience is influenced
  • Tailor content production for different stages of buying process
  • Deliver communications that financial institutions want but don't yet receive
  • Develop more effective B2B FinTech PR and marketing programmes