How to successfully sell to telecoms operators

Audience Insight Reports

CCgroup's research into how operators research and select their suppliers

We all know that the mobile industry is in a state of flux.ConneCt_front_page


Consolidation, competition and co-operation conspire to create new commercial and technological challenges. As a result, vendors face some of the toughest trading conditions ever. 


It has never been so difficult to sell to operators.


CCgroup undertook a comprehensive analysis of operators’ procurement processes, interviewing both operators and their advisors as well as examining market influence studies.


The goal was to reveal the communications platforms that drive vendor inclusion in operator procurement, the influencing factors when shortlisting, and the critical factors in vendor selection.


ConneCt, the resultant white paper, reveals:  

  • The importance of establishing unique market positioning to support profile and reputation
  • Which communication channels and content should be used to build credibility and sustain influence
  • How a symbiotic relationship between marketing & sales departments can drive success


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