Technology PR

CCgroup began its focus on tech PR in 1989, when the PR professionals that had launched Vodafone and overseen BT’s floatation joined our senior management team.
Since then, CCgroup has worked with dozens of technology companies to help them create awareness, drive lead generation, build perceived value and position for exit. These have included major brands and innovative challengers.

Mobile Heritage

In particular, CCgroup has been at the heart of the mobile technology industry for more than 20 years. We’ve worked with the GSM Association for the last 17 years, helping to turn a technical standards body into one of the most successful and influential campaigning trade associations in the world.
We’ve worked with mobile operators, major network equipment providers, OSS/BSS companies, device manufacturers, app developers, mobile advertising outfits, industry consultants and more – effectively every part of the mobile value chain.
As the world has gone mobile, we’ve extended our business as other vertical markets grapple with the potential of mobility.

FinTech Pedigree

We’ve worked extensively in fintech. Initially with innovative organisations like Fundamo, using mobile to bank millions of unbanked people in emerging markets and dramatically improving quality of life. One of the proudest moments in CCgroup’s history was when our PR campaign was singled out as a major contributing factor to their $110 million exit to Visa.
In addition, we’ve worked with the very first developed markets mobile payments efforts, card manufacturers, card processing outfits, next generation payments companies, core retail and corporate banking platforms, mobile business apps, PoS manufacturers and much, much more.

Enterprise Technology Expertise

Our mobile and wider telecoms experience has enabled us to develop very successful campaigns for companies targeting the enterprise audience. One of the most memorable was for a company called Visto – nowadays branded as Good Technology. Our award winning campaign pitted Visto against the then mighty BlackBerry in the mobile email wars. Visto won market share against a whole host of competitors and dominated the market with its thought leadership.
Besides that, we’ve worked extensively with organisations in the enterprise telephony, enterprise mobility, hosting, data centre connectivity, productivity, call centre technology and VPN arenas.

CleanTech Credibility

In the very early days of CCgroup (then Companycare) we launched the UK’s first windfarm and represented the wind industry’s bible – Windpower Monthly. In 2012, we launched a specialist cleantech division to support companies struggling to communicate their offerings in a very difficult environment. Our research and advisory activities earned us multiple award nominations and invitations to speak at All Energy in Aberdeen, EWEA in Vienna and IRENA in Abu Dhabi.
Technology PR
Technology PR Highlights

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01 May 2013
How can renewable energy companies combat the confusion amongst farmers and landowners in order to help them invest in renewables?

How the UK national media treats renewables

01 November 2012
Free white paper from CCgroup   How does the UK national media treat the renewable energy industry?

Get in touch

Get in touch We get up in the morning to help great companies with innovative technologies and bold ideas win the recognition, respect and rewards they deserve. If you want to work with an ambitious tech PR team that has your commercial interests at heart, get in touch.

In 2012, we launched a specialist cleantech division to support companies struggling to communicate their offerings in a very difficult environment

The Future of Tech PR

Tech PR has changed beyond recognition in the last quarter of a century, and the only constant for the future is more change.

Tracking the future of technology PR is a borderline obsession at CCgroup. Here are what we believe are the five key trends for tech PR in 2014. Some of these ideas were used in the In2/Holmes Report’s 2014 tech trends forecast where CCgroup was the only European firm featured:

1. Taking control of influencer marketing

Tech PR is in a fantastic position to either kick-start or co-opt burgeoning influencer marketing efforts. In-depth industry knowledge and the ability to identify and build relationships with non-traditional influencers is critical in effective influencer marketing.
In 2014, if tech PR pros have the confidence, 
understanding and tools to add to their existing knowledge, expertise and relationships, influencer marketing becomes an area with strong growth potential.

2. Sell, sell, sell

Whether it be pushing product or positioning companies for exit, 2014 looks set to be all about sales for many tech PR pros.
Agencies that can prove, rather than talk about, lead generation campaigns driven by PR are in a strong position. PR pros with a strong track record in positioning tech companies for trade sale will find themselves at an advantage as VC and PE firms look for their exit.

3. Buy, buy, buy

Several tech agencies invested serious time and money in research designed to help them and their clients better understand the dynamics of their markets in 2013. This investment will continue with a very clear goal – the addition of science to the ‘art’ of tech PR and the creation of the ‘account planner’ role within consultancies.
We also expect a strong push into paid media as part of sophisticated influencer and content marketing campaigns. Content sponsorship and media buying will rapidly become ‘must have’ capabilities in tech PR.

4. The start of tech agency polarisation

In 2014, the gap between tech PR agencies that deliver traditional PR services and those that focus on more strategic marketing will start to widen more rapidly. There are pros and cons to both approaches, but with a strategic positioning and ambitious clients, PR can achieve more for businesses.

5. Grab your partner by the hand

Serious, planned strategic alliances with a range of complementary marcomms functions, strategy consultants, service providers and the like will be important. With these partnerships in place, the ability of tech PR practitioners to truly lead, innovate and orchestrate multi-disciplinary marketing campaigns is genuinely exciting.
For more depth on these trends, visit here.

How CCgroup can help your business

CCgroup can help you use PR to achieve your commercial objectives. Not just media relations for the sake of it, but credible, compelling campaigns that impact your target audiences and gives them real reasons to talk to you:
  • We provide internal & external perspectives on your market & business; identifying your points of uniqueness and developing compelling messages
  • We help you re-frame your audience’s problems to challenge their thinking; linking to your uniqueness as a solution using intelligent, insightful content
  • We help your content and your messages reach and engage your target audience via influencers (media, analysts, consultants etc.) and directly (digitally, at conferences, events etc.)
The objectives of our campaigns are always commercially-driven, and often come down to:
  • Drive awareness
  • Generate sales leads
  • Demonstrate value
  • Position for exit
We have five specialist tech PR teams: mobile & telecoms, fintech, business technology, consumer technology and cleantech. We are proven in each industry we serve, have a variety of case studies and testimonials and our clients are happy to talk about their experience of working with us if required.
We get up in the morning to help great companies with innovative technologies and bold ideas win the recognition, respect and rewards they deserve. If you want to work with an ambitious tech PR team that has your commercial interests at heart, get in touch.