E-Commerce PR


Consumers, and increasingly businesses, are shifting their buying habits from face to face interactions to online transactions. Indeed, McKinsey research indicates that nearly 50% of all B2B purchases were made on digital platforms by the end of 2015.

With e-Commerce set to overtake physical commerce in most developed markets in the next few years and a host of online-only players emerging, merchants of all shapes and sizes are investing in technology to remain competitive. From loyalty schemes and fraud analytics to online payments and couponing, CCgroup understands how to build awareness and influence e-Commerce buyers. 



Whether the aim is sales, investment, exit or simply market awareness, CCgroup has years of experience creating e-Commerce PR and marketing strategies that deliver results. Using unique, empirical insight to shape our approach we deploy a range of paid, earned, owned and shared media tactics from media relations to content marketing to social selling to ensure our clients stay ahead of the trailing pack.



E-Commerce is an amorphous term at best and doesn’t capture the range of organisations doing business online nor the technology stack required to be successful. The content of and channels for influence are diverse, dynamic and interconnected. Based on data-driven insights we help our clients navigate this shifting landscape and devise powerful e-Commerce PR and marketing communications programmes that deliver tangible outcomes.


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Case studies

MyCheck - http://www.ccgrouppr.com/insights/case-study/setting-the-benchmark-for-mobile-payments/