Azzurri Communications – Reintroduction

Azzurri Communications is an independent, award-winning technology and managed services company, helping UK organisations transform their communications to become faster, more connected and more competitive. In January 2015, Azzurri selected CCgroup to handle its public relations in the UK to build its brand, drive awareness and support lead generation.


Specifically, CCgroup was also tasked with raising awareness of the appointment of new CEO, Chris Jagusz who joined Azzurri Communications in May 2014, but had had so far little interaction with the Computing, Channel and Telecoms media and analysts in that role.


In order to best allow media and analysts more of an open dialogue with the company – typically a highly beneficial tactic for relationship-building and powerful coverage - CCgroup suggested a media tour.


The initial target was to fill one working day with up to five one-to-one briefings for both Chris Jagusz and Rufus Grig, CTO. CCgroup selected media targets based on their previous interest of, or relationship with, Azzurri Communications. The reasoning was that where coverage had previously been positive, the media would be allowed new access to the CEO and CTO in order to create more of an open dialogue. Likewise where coverage had previously been negative, this presented Azzurri Communications with the opportunity to rectify any negative perception and to be more in control of their key messages.


Ahead of the media tour, CCgroup also worked with Azzurri to define these key messages in order to position the company as one that was on the cusp of exciting, positive transformation.


CCgroup delivered nine briefings with top tier publications and analyst houses, filling two working days. Widespread coverage was secured, much of it carrying through Azzurri Communications’ key messages - profiling the new CEO and promoting Azzurri’s current and future position in the market. Most importantly, the media tour has secured strong relationships with important media and analyst influencers across the market.


Examples of the coverage secured:

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